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Stakeback – the colourful bingo game with a twist.

There’s something very special about Stakeback, and it’s not just that it is exclusive to tombola and you won’t find it anywhere else. In every game, there’s a chance to win your stake back.

What is Stakeback? 

Stakeback is a colourful bingo game; when you buy your ticket, you’ll get the chance to choose a team colour from purple, blue, green, orange and red. If the winning tile is your team colour, you’ll get your stake back.

How to play Stakeback

Getting started is easy, just choose the game in our lobby. You'll find some similarities between Stakeback and our popular game Pulse. Next, you can select your ticket price and you can play from 10p all the way up to £2. At the same time, you can pick your team colour. All through the online bingo game, your team colour will make up the background of the game. If you don’t select a colour when you buy your ticket, one will be randomly allocated to you.

Now it’s time for it to begin. Just like in a normal bingo game, numbers are called, and you’ll see these displayed on the stack of tiles as they are called. If you have that number, you can mark it off, or it will be marked off for you if you’re on auto-mark. It doesn’t matter if the colour of the number is not the same, it’s all about the numbers on your ticket right up until the last call.

The aim is to match 10 numbers, from up to 30 numbers that are called during the game. The first player to match all their tiles, wins. A single Full House prize is available in every game, but if you win in 14 calls or less, then you’ll scoop the Jackpot.

Keep your eyes on those tiles, because even if you don’t win, you can win your ticket price back. The colour of the last tile in the game is the team colour that will win their stake back! Want to see more unique opportunities to win? Check out our other bingo games and upcoming bingo offers

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