Play tombola's unique bingo games

We’ve got something for everyone here at tombola; classic bingo games such as bingo90, bingo80 and bingo50 as well as exclusive games that you just won’t find anywhere else like Pulse, Cinco, Stakeback and Bingo Roulette! Games start from just 1p and we have huge Jackpots of up to £20,000. Why not give our newest games Reel Bingo, Roller-Coaster and Nevada a go?

You can also try your hand at our daily free bingo game Free Form with up to £25,000 in real money up for grabs! If that’s not enough, you can also check out our exclusive bingo offers and promotions

bingo90 is our take on the classic 90 ball bingo. Play for One Line, Two Lines, a Full House and a progressive Jackpot! Come join the fun with tickets from just 10p.

Enjoy classic 75 ball bingo action with not one but two bingo75 games! Our unique take on the most popular forms of the game in the USA and Sweden. 

Blocks is our explosive bingo game with two chances to win - mark off all the blocks of the same colour first to win a prize. Tickets from just 10p and Jackpots up to £20,000!

Play our fast paced exclusive game which is a futuristic take on bingo with tickets starting at just 10p and Jackpots of up to a huge £20,000. Eyes down!

Chips at the ready for our card based favourite Cinco. Just match five cards from the caller to be in with a chance of winning amazing Jackpots. Tickets from just 5p.

bingoLite is a lighter take on traditional 90 ball bingo with tickets from just 2p. Don't forget to join in the fun and games in our Chat Rooms with our friendly Chat Moderators.

A bingo game set in a world made of paper for just 1p? Yes you read that right, Paper is exclusive to tombola with tickets for a penny and Jackpots up to £5,000!

bingo60 is the bingo game with 5 tickets in every game, that's 5 chances to win! You can play this exclusive bingo game from just 25p!

Stakeback is a colourful bingo game. You’ll choose a team colour from purple, blue, green, orange and red. If the winning tile is your team colour, you’ll get your stake back.

Roller-Coaster is back and this time it has bigger prizes to be won. Play for as little as 5p a carriage with up to four carriages in total to choose from in this fun-fair game.

With bingo80 you'll get a nostalgic taste of shutter board bingo. We've brought this popular seafront arcade game up to date so you can play it anywhere you want!

Bubble popping bingo fun at your finger tips with bingo50! Just pop all the numbers on your ticket before the other players to win prizes up to £1,000.

What would a bingo game look like with no numbers? Why not check out Morph, where the colours and shapes are called by the Morpher. Match the called shapes to win a prize.

In Picture bingo match the images on your ticket to the called pictures. There are three themes to choose from; Circus, Mystery and Pirates and tickets start from 5p.

Halloween is here all year round with our spooky game Potion - our unique game not only has three prizes within each game, but three Jackpots that can reach up to £20,000!

The Machine is a steampunk bingo game with turning cogs, a Pressure Prize and plenty of excitement. Play this unique game from just 10p and look out for exciting promotions.

Your chance to win daily prizes  for FREE! More than 60,000 winners every week will win prizes ranging from 25p - £5,000.

If the neon lights of Vegas appeal, then perhaps you’ll enjoy a quick spin on Bingo Roulette? Tickets for this bingo game start from just 10p. Chips at the ready!

Nevada is our card based bingo game with a Jackpot of up to £1,000. Play from just 10p and enjoy the bright lights of Vegas without having to leave home!

Reel Bingo is a bingo game with a juicy bonus, Play from just 10p to see if you can unlock the bonus game in this fruity tombola exclusive.

Learn how to bingo online

If you're brand new to bingo, or you'd just like to learn a little bit more about how to play bingo online then we've got loads of handy guides to guide you through the world of playing online. A great place to start is with our traditional bingo games, we'd recommend reading about how to play bingo90 to help you learn the basics. We've also got a first timer's guide to help you understand the most common bingo calls, but don't forget that wherever you start, all our games have a how to play section, and our friendly Chat Moderators are always on hand to help you too.

What types of bingo games are available?

As all our bingo games are made in-house at tombola HQ, we have a huge variety of different bingo games available to play. Not only do we have classics such as 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo, but we have games you won’t find anywhere else too. There are many low stake bingo games, such as bingoLite where you can enjoy 90 ball bingo from just 2p per ticket, and our penny bingo game Paper which can be played from just 1p. Other unique games, such as Picture bingo, Morph, and Potion, start from just 5p. We even have a free bingo game called Free Form which has real money prizes from £2 - £5,000 to be won.

What are the most popular bingo games?

90 ball bingo is one of the most played forms of bingo in the UK, and tombola’s very own version of the game is also extremely popular. Games start from just 10p in bingo90 and not only is there a One Line, Two Line, and Full House prize up for grabs in every game, there’s a progressive Jackpot to play for too. Another very popular type of bingo in the UK is 75 ball bingo and we have two offerings of the game at tombola. There’s bingo75 shapes, which is inspired by the American version of the game, and bingo75 lines, which is a Swedish variant of 75 ball bingo. As many of our games are so unique, like The Machine and Blocks, we believe there’s something everyone will enjoy.