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bingo80 – shutter board bingo with a nostalgic feel.

What is bingo80? 

Fancy a trip to the seaside with a couple of 80 ball bingo games thrown in for good fun? A popular game in seafront arcades in years gone by, we’ve brought this shutter board style game up to date: bingo80!

Is bingo80 the same as 80 ball bingo? 

In this game, players can choose up to four boards at a time, with each board costing just 25p, and they’re playing for a horizontal line to win. Calls are displayed along the top of the of the screen and listen out for some bingo lingo, too. Each number will only be called once in every game.

The Jackpot is £500 and will be won if a Full House is called in 45 calls or less. Prizes can be shared if two players win at the same time, but Jackpots are never shared - if two or more players win the Jackpot, they will all receive a £500 prize.

How to play bingo80

Join in the conversation in our Chat Room. Our friendly Chat Moderators are always about to give you a hand and cheer you along.

Next, it’s time to pick your board (or boards) – if you don’t like the look of those on display, you can click ‘swap boards’ to see some new options. Once you’ve chosen and agreed to buy, why not say ‘Hi!’ in the Chat Room while you wait for the next game to start? In the game, you can decide to auto play - which will mark the numbers for you - or you can do it yourself.

To win, you’ll need to mark off all the numbers on one board in a horizontal line, or gain a Full House (known as a Jackpot if it is won in 45 calls or less).

The line and Full House prize values are dependant on the number of players in each game, but the Jackpot is always £500. So maybe it’s time you grabbed an ice cream, popped on your sun hat and gave our online bingo game a try?

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“I was flabbergasted when I won the Jackpot I have been playing for years - so excited that I have won and now thinking about what to spend my winnings on!!” - chez351