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Bloom – our seasonal bingo game

Bloom has now retired, but don't worry we've got plenty of other exciting bingo games to try.

What is Bloom?

We know you loved our first seasonal bingo game Jigsaw, that’s why we’ve cultivated a brand new bingo game called Bloom to mark the start of Spring. There are two chances to win in every game, as well as a Jackpot of up to £1,000 that can be won in 28 calls or less – giving you more chance to hit that top prize.

Bloom will be around for a limited time only, so don’t forget to check it out before the season comes to an end. Keep your eyes peeled for the amazing interactive elements we’ve added into the background too, we’re sure you’ll bee impressed! 

How to play Bloom

Select Bloom from the game launcher to open the game. Choose your stake from five options – 10p, 25p, 50p, £1, or £2 and click confirm to buy in for the next game. Why not have a natter while you wait for the game to start? Just say hi in our Bloom Chat Room to join in the fun.

Each ticket contains 15 plant markers with a number between 1 and 45. Mark off your numbers as they come out to reveal either a carrot or flower symbol.

The first player to get four carrots is the winner of the Carrot Prize. Once the Carrot Prize has been won, it’s time to play for the Full House prize. The first person to mark off all 15 numbers on their plant marker is the winner.

Mark off all 15 numbers within 28 calls or less to win a Jackpot of up to £1,000. As with all our games, the Jackpot is never shared. If more than one person marks off their numbers in the same number of calls, each Jackpot Winner will receive the full Jackpot amount.