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tombola chat bingo games explained

The tombola Chat Rooms are always full of fun. We’ve got a really friendly bingo community. Plus, our bingo Chat Moderators are always up for laugh. You’ll find there’s always someone ready for a good natter.  

We talk about everything from where you keep your ketchup to what’s the best chocolate bar (we like to eat as much as we like to chat). We also have a variety of exciting chat bingo games. Read on to find out just what fun you can have in our bingo Chat Rooms.

What is a bingo Chat Room?

Each bingo game has its own Chat Room. However, sometimes, there is just one room even though multiple games are in play at once and we call this a shared Chat Room. For instance, our spellbinding game, Potion, has a shared Chat Room. So, while you’re casting some spells, you can gather around the cauldron and have a chinwag!

In bingo90, you can choose which club you’d like to play in, and each club has different Chat Rooms. This means we can have a lot of fun with club vs club tournaments. Every half an hour, all of the bingo90 clubs link together for a Link game. This means everyone plays one big game with a big prize.

Other games like Pulse have lots of Chat Rooms, with a player limit. You can see which room has a game that is about to start when you buy in, and you can stay in that room to play again after your first game if you like.

In our Chat Rooms you will find one of our Chat Moderators. It’s their job to make sure that all our players are having a good time, and they can answer any questions you have about the games.

What are the different tombola bingo Chat Room games?

The exciting thing about tombola bingo Chat Room games is that every Chat Moderator has their own set of chat bingo games. Because our CMs are as unique as the quizzes they put on in Chat, they have their own jokes, quizzes and lucky dust!

Can you win prizes in the chat bingo games?

Some common chat bingo games include offering a quiz quid (a £1 bonus awarded in Chat) for best jokes, or some offer them for riddles. You might also find a few CMs that offer a quiz quid for the first person who says double bubble whenever the first double number comes out in traditional bingo games.

Another popular Chat Room game is CMs vs Roomies. This is when the Chat Moderators go head to head with the players in the room to see who can get the most questions right. This game is just for fun, and for bragging rights too, of course!

There’s always loads going on in our Chat Rooms, and you don’t have to be staking in a game to take part. All our Chat fun is open to everyone. 

Why join tombola?

There are many reasons to play online bingo with tombola. We’ve got loads of unique bingo games that you can’t play anywhere else, with tickets starting from just 1p.

There’s also our friendly and welcoming chat community in our Chat Rooms and more than 200 Chat Moderators who can’t wait to meet you.

We want you to enjoy playing with us, so that’s why we introduced safeplay; a range of tools to help you stay in control. To help keep it about the fun, we’ll help you to stay within your limits and never spend more time or money than you can afford.