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Play bingo online with tombola - Britain's biggest bingo site.

Play our bingo favourites

We are tombola! We’ve got totally unique bingo games that you won’t find anywhere else, the explosive Blocks with two prizes in every game. Or, if you like your games more traditional, what about bingo90? This is our take on 90 ball bingo with tickets from 10p and a progressive Jackpot up for grabs. 

Play our new bingo games

Is there anything more exciting than a new bingo game to play? If more chances to win is your kind of thing, our Swedish version of 75 ball bingo bingo75 lines could be the game for you. You can also enjoy the bright lights of Las Vegas from our fun filled Chat room in our card-based bingo game Nevada. 

Why choose tombola bingo?

We are britain’s biggest bingo site, and we make all our own games in house (well, it's called tombola house!). That means they are exclusive to us and can't be played anywhere else. Plus. we’ve always got a free game for you to enjoy, as well as exciting promotions and amazing prizes to be won.

Exciting bingo offers and promotions

Every month we’ve got an exciting set of bingo promotions for you to play, from Guaranteed Prizes to fantastic Full House prizes - we’ve got it all. What are you waiting for?

How to play bingo

If you're brand new to playing online we've got all the help you'll need getting started, we'll show you how to play online bingo and take you through some handy tips for playing bingo. Once you're ready to get started we'll show you how to choose the right bingo site.

Can you play free bingo with tombola? 

Our current free online bingo game is called Free Form. You can play this free game every day for your chance to win real money prizes, from 25p to £5,000. All for free. There's £25,000 in cash prizes to be won every week.

Bingo FAQs

Why play online bingo with tombola?

At tombola, there are unique games that you won't find anywhere else, and a friendly community of players and Chat Moderators. If you've never played online bingo before, then we can help you get started. Want to know more about playing online bingo with tombola? We've got a handy guide to getting the most out of playing with us. 

How to play bingo90

Getting started with us couldn't be easier, to get a real flavour of the game why not start with our 90 ball classic, bingo90? Just head over to our handy guide on how to play bingo90.

90 ball bingo is one of the traditional bingo games, with tickets from just 10p and progressive Jackpots. bingo90 also has some of our busiest Chat Rooms with loads of fun to be had every week with club tournament quizzes. Every half an hour all the rooms link together for an exciting Link game.

What are the common bingo calls and numbers

One of the things that people associate most with playing bingo is the use of bingo lingo especially during bingo calls.

Get to grips with some of our bingo lingo and discover the meaning of popular abbreviations that you'll see in our Chat Rooms while you're playing online bingo with us.

Is online bingo different to bingo halls?

What most people love about playing in a bingo club is great prizes and the social element of meeting up with friends. We've recreated that in our friendly Chat Rooms and with our amazing unique bingo games.

Playing bingo online is different to playing it in a bingo hall, in this handy guide we'll cover how online bingo is different and give you some tips to get you started.

Is playing online fair?

We're often asked if online bingo is fixed, and the answer is; of course not! All our games use the same Random Number Generator to determine the outcome and have been independently tested, and approved by the Gambling Commission.

Do you offer no deposit bingo?

There are several ways tombola offers no deposit bingo. If you join the site through one of our £5 FREE codes, you can try out our games without the need to deposit. The same goes if a friend or family member refers you to the site using their £5 FREE Playmates code. Terms and conditions apply on all our bingo bonuses.

Why not give our free game Free Form a go? £25,000 in real money prizes will be won every week, with no deposit required.

Are there bingo welcome bonuses available?

New players to tombola can receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit up to a maximum of £25. That means if you deposit £25, you will get £50 bonus money to play with too. You can withdraw winnings at any time, but you can’t withdraw bonus money. T&Cs apply.

Can you play penny bingo?

You can enjoy bingo from just 1p per ticket on our penny bingo game Paper. There’s a Single Prize up for grabs in every game, and a two-tier Jackpot to play for too.

How does bingo work?

Don’t worry if you’re new to bingo, or unsure how to play bingo online, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Although each bingo game is different, the basic principle is to be the first player to mark off all numbers on a ticket to win a prize. Some games may have several Line prizes up for grabs, while others may focus solely on the Full House. If you’re ever unsure how to play any of tombola’s bingo games, just ask one of our friendly Chat Moderators in our Chat rooms.