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Online bingo payment methods

Online bingo payment methods

Wondering how to choose the best online bingo site? Not only is it important to find a site with the best bingo games, responsible gambling tools, and bingo community, but one that offers the best bingo payment methods too.

Which payment methods are available?

In April 2020 the UK Gambling Commission banned the use of credit cards for all online and offline gambling activities, except for lotteries. To ensure all loopholes are closed, this includes using credit cards via other payment methods such as ApplePay and PayPal.

At tombola, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to add funds to your account. Debit cards are the most universally accepted online bingo payment method, and they are the only way new players can add funds at tombola. We accept a variety of different debit cards including Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, and Maestro.

Existing players with a PayPal account already registered may continue to use it to deposit if they have used it within the past 6 months. Players who haven’t previously used PayPal, or those who have already switched from PayPal to Visa or MasterCard, are unable to use it as a bingo payment method.

How many payment methods can I have?

You can have a maximum of four payment methods registered on your tombola account, with one active payment method at any one time. All withdrawals will be processed to the payment method you last used to deposit. 

To help you stay safe while playing online bingo, you can only deposit funds if you have less than £2 in your account. We have a minimum deposit of £10 and the maximum amount you can deposit per week at tombola is £500.  

How do I add a new bingo payment method?

We’ve made it as easy as possible to add a new payment method, all you need to do is follow four simple steps.

  • Go to My Account
  • Click payment details
  • Choose to add a new payment method
  • Enter your details and hit save

Can I use someone else’s card to deposit money?

As part of our terms and conditions, all deposits must be made using a valid payment method registered in the name of the tombola account holder.

Which bingo deposit method is the safest?

Account security is one of the key things to look out for when choosing an online bingo site. Most bingo sites, like tombola, use encryption technology when processing payments to ensure your details are safe and secure.

It’s also worth looking out for the padlock icon in your browser when making an online transaction. This signifies that the connection to the website is encrypted using HTTPS and has an SSL/TLS certificate.

Are my details secure?

To ensure none of your personal or financial information can be accessed by a third party, tombola uses a technology called SSL encryption. This safeguards any personal data sent between two systems and is the same technology used in online banking.

Which online bingo payment methods are the quickest for withdrawals?

Not only do you want the online bingo payment method to be safe, but you want to be able to withdraw your winnings as quickly as possible too.

At tombola, we've always offered our players the fastest withdrawal process possible and we continue to make improvements so that our players can enjoy their winnings even quicker. Since our most recent changes, players now typically receive their winnings within just one hour when using Visa Debit. 

Do I need to deposit to play free bingo?

There are several ways bingo sites offer the chance to play free bingo without the need to deposit. At tombola, we have a free to play daily game on our bingo and arcade sites. It's totally free to play, with no deposit or wagering requirements necessary, and all you need to do is simply register and opt-in to receive SMS in My Account. You’ll then receive your code to unlock the games for the entire week.

New players can also enjoy a bingo bonus by claiming one of our £5 FREE vouchers too. They can be found in several places, including newspapers and magazines, and can be redeemed without the need to deposit.

How do I deposit money into my bingo account?

We know you’ll be excited to play our unique bingo games and making a deposit couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve added a payment method, we’ll save the details to make your next deposit as quick and simple as possible. Just go to the add funds section in My Account, pop in the amount you wish to deposit, and then click add funds.

Whenever you wish to make a withdrawal, simply go to the withdraw funds section in My Account and pop in the amount. Your winnings will then be withdrawn to the payment method you used to make your last deposit.

If you have any questions, you may find the answers on our bingo FAQs page. Alternatively, our customer service team are available for a chat 24/7.