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Play bingo40 

A brand-new bingo game with four chances to win in every game!

bingo40 is our spectacular new bingo game, offering impressive jackpots of up to £10,000. Each round gives players four chances to win, on eye-catching pink, black, amber and teal tickets, with prices ranging from 10p to £2. 

The game features one of tombola’s catchiest background tracks and has a modern retro vibe that makes it stand out from the crowd!  

How does bingo40 work? 

Keep your eyes peeled as the caller reveals numbers between 1- and 40, be the first to mark all numbers on a ticket and you’re a winner! Tap the caller to catch-up if you think you’ve missed a number or, alternatively, use our auto marking function to ensure you never miss a call. With four chances to win, multiple prizes can be won on the same ticket.  

What are the prizes in bingo40? 

Prizes in bingo40 go up and down, depending on how many people are playing. Prizes will vary depending on the price you have paid to play, and are shared if there is more than one winner. 

Each game will have four prizes in total, with a prize being awarded each time a player completes one of the four coloured tickets. Each coloured ticket also has a fixed Jackpot on offer. A jackpot is never shared, so if more than one player wins the Jackpot they will each receive the full amount! 


Jackpot prizes 






Pink ticket won in 4 calls 






Black ticket won in 12 calls 






Amber ticket won in 18 calls 






Teal ticket won in 22 calls 






Who makes bingo40?  

Bingo40 is created exclusively in-house by the tombola team, from ideation and development to final design. That means the game is packed with all the features you’d expect to find in any of our award-winning bingo games, including: 

  • Jackpots that are never shared  
  • Jackpots available throughout the day, not just specific times 
  • 24/7 chatroom available when playing the game 
  • Safeplay tools such as game freeze and stake limits 

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