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The Machine – we’ve tinkered with traditional bingo

We’ve been tinkering and dabbling with classic bingo, and we’ve gone back to the future with our Victorian-futuristic game The Machine.

What is The Machine?

Play our brand new game The Machine, set inside the inner-workings of the steam driven invention of your choice.

Play from 10p, 25p, 50p or £1. There are three prizes to be won within the game, the Silver Prize, the Gold Prize and the Pressure Prize. Keep your eye on the pressure gauge at the bottom left of your screen because when six lights show and the pressure erupts, you win every available prize in the game.

How to play The Machine

Once you’re in the lobby you can choose your theme. Choose from Train, Tank, or Submarine. There is only one Chat Room, but all three games are their own individual game, so the prizes are not shared throughout. Choose your stake and you’re ready to play.

The aim of the game is to call all of your numbers before anyone else. To win the Silver Prize you must call all eight of your numbers in the silver cog, the Gold Prize is twelve calls. You will notice the pressure gauge at the bottom left of your screen, when the cog turns there is a teal ring that will cover two of your numbers. Any numbers that are called while the teal ring covers it will count toward the Pressure Prize.

What happens if you win the Pressure Prize you ask? Well, if the pressure builds six times within the game you will win the Pressure Prize and the game will end. When you win the Pressure Prize you win every available prize remaining in the game. If someone else wins the Pressure Prize at the same time as you, prizes will be shared.

Is the pressure getting to you already? Don’t worry, when you first enter The Machine there will be a pop up to show you how to play and there will be a How To Play helper on the pressure gauge at all times, just click the question mark on the gauge. As always, our friendly Chat Moderators are on hand 24/7 to help you.

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“I won £230 on The Machine the night of the Red Alert promotion. I got the Silver Prize of £230 and was over the moon as I never ever win on anything.” – baileyboosnan69