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Potion - bingo with a twist

Halloween is here all year round with our spooky game Potion! Our unique game not only has three prizes within the game to win, but three Jackpots too that can reach up to £20,000!

What is Potion bingo?

The aim of the game is to complete one of the three potion recipes for Youth, Wisdom and Love. You get the ingredients as your numbers are called and the potions are emptied. There is a prize for each of the potions, and a Jackpot!

How to Play Potion

Choose a character from Cat, Owl, Bat, Mouse or Toad. Click on the bookmarks to change your ticket price, and once you’re happy with it, click ‘buy’ and then ‘confirm’ to join the game. The numbers will show in the cauldron as they’re called. Each number that matches your ticket will release the contents of that numbered bottle and reveal an ingredient needed for either Youth, Wisdom or Love. Get all the ingredients for one of the recipes to win. Do it in 12 calls or less and you win the Jackpot for your recipe! Don’t forget that if two players win a Jackpot in the same game, they both win the same amount – Jackpots are never shared.

Never fear, if you have any questions, we have Chat Moderators at the ready to help you. Grab your spell book and join us down in the dungeon for a bingo game unlike any other.

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"Hi there, just a massive thank you for my Jackpot. I popped in Potion and thought I’d give it a go, I was chatting away when roomies started to congratulate me on my Jackpot. I was in total shock, I still can’t believe it. Now booking next year’s holiday. Thanks again tombola and roomies, I’m over the moon." - shesunlucky1