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bingo30 – bitesize bingo with big prizes

Introducing bingo30, our brand new 30 ball bingo game with 25 chances to win EVERY hour!*

What is bingo30?

If you enjoy playing classic bingo games like bingo90 and bingo75 lines, you’ll love our latest addition bingo30. Played on a 3x3 grid, tickets cost just 10p and you can buy up to 20 tickets in each game.

There’s a Full House prize up for grabs in every game, as well as a £1,000 Jackpot to play for too. Be the first to mark off all 9 numbers on a single ticket to take home the Full House prize, or complete your ticket in 11 calls or less to win the Jackpot.

Remember, Jackpots are never shared at tombola – if more than one player wins in the same number of calls on our 30 ball bingo game, each Jackpot winner will receive the full £1,000!

How to play 30 ball bingo

Launch the game and select a Chat Room from the lobby. To help you decide whether to play in a busier or quieter room, we’ve included a symbol displaying the number of players currently in each Chat Room. Once you’re in your chosen room, it’s time to get your tickets.

Select how many you wish to buy from 1 – 20, with each ticket costing 10p. If you’re happy with your selection, click buy and confirm to enter into the next game. While waiting for the game to start, why not say hello to our friendly Chat Moderators and players?

The aim of the game in bingo30 is to be the first person to mark all 9 numbers off your ticket. As with all our online bingo games, you can either manually mark your tickets or select the auto-marking function to sit back, relax, and watch the game play out. 

As an added bonus, you can even change the colour of your bingo balls too. Select your preference to one or more colours from a choice of yellow, green, blue, pink, or orange in the game settings. 

The Full House prize in our 30 ball bingo game varies depending on how many players are playing – the more tickets bought, the bigger the prize! The Jackpot prize amount always remains at £1,000 and will be won if you clear your ticket in 11 calls or less.

*based on average number of games per hour

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