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Fair gambling explained at tombola

If you’re new to bingo, or even gambling in general, you may not only be wondering how it works, but also if it’s fair. That’s why, to help put your mind at ease, we’ve answered some of the questions you may have on fair bingo.  

Is the game fair? How do I know it is not fixed?

All results on tombola are randomly generated and cannot be predetermined - we use an industry standard Random Number Generator to determine the outcome of each game. The game is of the high quality you rightly expect from tombola.

Game testing

All tombola games use the same RNG and have been tested by an independent auditor, approved by the Gambling Commission (GB) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. tombola ensures all games are put through rigorous tests before releasing it for customers to access.

Gaming Associates has evaluated the RNG, scaling, mapping algorithms, and the online games against technical standards for the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. The evaluation has been performed through source code review, functionality testing, emulation, verification of mathematical treatise, and statistical analysis.

Click here to view the latest RNG and games certificate.

Is online bingo different to land based bingo?

There are many similarities between playing bingo online and playing it in a land based bingo club. Every player has a ticket and marks off the numbers on the ticket as they are called. The player that marks off all their numbers first is the winner. Along the way there are often smaller prizes for crossing off One Line or Two Lines on the ticket first. However, when you’re playing online bingo, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the caller because our games can be set to mark automatically.

How does bingo work? Is online bingo fixed?

For anyone new to the online bingo world, our how to play bingo online guide is a great place to start. Is online bingo fixed? In a word, no. While you can’t see the balls being drawn in real life, we use a Random Number Generator to pick the numbers for each bingo game so they are fair. For more information about tombola and playing with us please head to our Bingo Advice, Help and FAQs page.