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Five tickets with five chances to win!

Imagine a bingo game where you paid one price and got five tickets, that’s five chances to win! Well, imagine no more, because at tombola our exclusive 60 ball bingo game gives you five different chances to win and Jackpots up to £20,000!

Each game of bingo plays for all five ticket prizes at once, and you’ll win a prize if you’re the first person to clear all the numbers on one of the coloured tickets. If two players win at the same time then they share the prize value.

A Jackpot is won when a player clears a ticket within a certain number of calls. The value of the Jackpot for each ticket is displayed under each colour. 

Why start playing bingo60?

How to play bingo60

To get started choose your ticket price from 25p, 50p, £1 or £2. The price you pay at the start determines the prize that you can win.

1. Register for a tombola account. We don't want to spoil the party, but you'll need to be 18+ and live in the UK.

2. Add funds to your account or use your welcome bonus to get involved in bingo60.

3. Select your stake, between 25p and £2. You'll then be given five different coloured tickets, each with it's own Jackpot prize.

4. Now it's time to play. Play all five tickets at once, the numbers will appear at the top in the correct colour for your ticket.  

5. Use our auto dab feature to keep up with all the calls (don't worry if you miss one, the number will still mark off). 

6. Win the jackpot by marking off all your numbers in a certain number of calls, or claim a One Line or Full House prize for being first to get all your numbers marked.  

What can I win when I play bingo60 online?

There are so many prizes up for grabs, with Jackpots up to £20,000 and One Line and Full House prizes on each of the five tickets you get in every game!

1. Click 'Join now' or download the handy tombola app

2. Fill in your details and we'll set-up your account (or request more info if needed). 

3. Add funds to your account and begin playing bingo60 with us!