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bingo60 – 5 tickets with 5 chances to win

Imagine a bingo game where you paid one price and got 5 tickets, that’s 5 chances to win! Well, imagine no more, because at tombola our exclusive 60 ball bingo game gives you 5 different chances to win.

What is bingo60?

Just buy into the game from as little as 25p, all the way to £2. The prize that you win depends on the amount that you pay at the start. You’ll receive five different coloured tickets per game; orange, green, red, purple and blue. Each of the coloured tickets has its own Jackpot prize, and that value varies based on the ticket price.

Each game of bingo plays for all 5 ticket prizes at once, and you’ll win a prize if you’re the first person to clear all the numbers on one of the coloured tickets. If two players win at the same time then they share the prize value. A Jackpot is won when a player clears a ticket within a certain number of calls. The value of the Jackpot for each ticket is displayed under each colour. Our players love bingo60 because it’s five different games in one, with Jackpots of up to a huge £20,000.

There’s just one Chat Room in bingo60, and we call it our coffee cup bingo – when each number is called that number ball appears in the coffee cup in the top left-hand corner. We run some great bingo promotions in bingo60 too, with Guaranteed Prizes. 

How to play bingo60

To get started choose your ticket price from 25p, 50p, £1 or £2. The price you pay at the start determines the prize that you can win. Each player is given five different coloured tickets, each with its own Jackpot prize. All 5 tickets play at once, you can mark the numbers as they are called or select auto mark and have tombola do the work for you. The Jackpot is won on each ticket when a player clears that ticket within a certain number of calls, which is different for each colour. If the Jackpot is not won then a Full House prize is also available for a player who clears a whole ticket. So, stick the kettle on, make yourself a lovely cuppa and start playing bingo.

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"My first ever big win on tombola! Wasn’t expecting it at all as I’m usually very unlucky. But the money will be going towards mine and my recently married wife’s honeymoon to Thailand - thank you very much." - lucylu92