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Reel Bingo

Reel Bingo – the bingo game with a bonus

Ever wondered what bingo would be like with a juicy bonus game where EVERYONE has a chance to win? Well, wonder no more – introducing Reel Bingo!  

What is Reel Bingo?

Our unique bingo game Reel Bingo is exclusive to tombola and is our first ever bingo offering with a bonus game. That’s right, not only are there Column and Full House prizes up for grabs in every game, but there’s a reely exciting bonus game that can be unlocked at any time too.

Match five fruity combinations in one column to take home the Column prize, or all ten combinations to win a sweet Full House prize.

However, there could also be another prize up for grabs. If three Gold Bar symbols appear in a single reel, everyone playing will be entered into a bonus game. The first player to collect ten Gold Bar symbols on their reel during the bonus game is the Bonus Prize winner.

How to play Reel Bingo

Select your stake from a choice of five options – 10p, 25p, 50p, £1, or £2. Click buy to confirm your tickets and you are bought in for the next game.

If you’re looking for something fun to do while waiting for the game to start, our fruit squash mini game in the Reel Bingo lobby may a-peel to you. Squash as many pieces of flying fruit as you can in a row to set your score. Don’t forget, our Reel Bingo Chat Room is open for a natter 24/7 and our Chat Moderators would love to hear your highest score.  

When the game starts, the caller reel will spin with each call. When it stops, a combination of three fruits will be shown in the reel. If you have the matching combination on your card, it will be marked off. You can mark off your card manually or automatically, simply select your preference within the game menu.

The first player to mark off all five combinations in one column is the Column prize winner. Once the Column prize has been won, it’s time to play for the Full House prize. The Full House prize is won by the first player to mark off all ten combinations on their card. 

If three Gold Bar symbols are collected in a single reel at any point during the game, all players will be entered into a bonus game to win the Bonus Prize. The bonus game takes place immediately after the Full House prize has been won and has double the prize money up for grabs. The first player to collect all ten Gold Bar symbols is the Bonus Prize winner. 

If more than one player completes a Column, Full House or Bonus Prize in the same number of calls, the prize will be shared between the winning players.

With tickets starting from as little as 10p, we’re sure you’ll agree Reel Bingo is one of our best bingo games yet.