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bingo75 – Five chances to win

There are two versions of bingo75 here at tombola, the unique bingo75 shapes that you know and love, and the classic bingo75 lines. If you like your bingo a little more traditional then look no further than bingo75 lines where there’s 5 chances to win in every game!

What is bingo75 lines? 

As you’ve probably guessed by the name bingo75 lines is 75 ball bingo and follows the traditional 5 lined game you’re used to in bingo halls, from the comfort of your home. There’s two Chat Rooms to choose from in our American theme; stars and stripes. Keep an eye out for upcoming promotions by checking the bingo promotions page.

How to play bingo75 lines

Once you’ve chosen bingo75 lines from the bingo game launcher. Select your ticket from 20p, then all you have to do is wait for the game to start.

Your tickets will appear in the centre of your screen. When a number is called that matches your ticket it will automatically mark it off and countdown down. You can see the numbers already called in yellow on the left side of the screen. There are 5 prizes to be won in bingo75 lines, that’s 5 chances to win every game! If you clear all 5 Lines within 52 calls, you win the Jackpot!

The best thing about the Jackpot in both lines and shapes? They’re never shared. If someone wins the Jackpot in the same game as you, you both win the full amount.

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