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Blocks – the explosive bingo game with two chances to win.

What if there was a bingo game with colourful blocks, two different ways to win and Jackpots of up to £20,000? Well, now there is – Blocks!

What is Blocks bingo? 

tombola’s unique block blasting bingo game has two prizes in every game and tickets from just 10p. To buy into the game chose from our three themed rooms - island, mountain, or ocean, and select your stake from 10p up to £2 . You’ll have 36 numbers in your ticket, 6 of each colour, the aim is to clear all the blocks of one colour. If you manage to clear them all you’ll win the ‘Blocks’ prize. Clear your ticket of one colour of blocks in 10 calls or less and you’ll win the Jackpot too.

There’s also another way to win in Blocks – the score prize. You are awarded score points when blocks of the same colour on your ticket touch for the first time. 20 points are awarded for 2 touching blocks, 30 points for 3 touching blocks and so on - up to a maximum of 60 points. The player with the highest number of score points when the game is complete wins a prize too.

Our friendly Chat Moderators are always on hand for a chit-chat and to help players keep up with what’s happening on our site. All the Blocks rooms link together between 2am and 8am to form one bumper prize pot. Don’t forget to check our bingo offers, we run exciting and new promos in our games every month. Why not give Blocks a go, we think it’s a real block-buster!

How to play blocks

In the Blocks lobby choose which room you'll play in - once you're in then it's time to choose your stake, buy in to the next game and wait for the game to start. While you're waiting don't forget to say hi to your fellow Blocks players in the Chat Room. Once the game begins your score prize will be calculated - this can increase as the game plays out and blocks move down. As each number is called you can mark that block if you have it and it will explode. If you clear all the blocks of the same colour first then you'll win.

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"Thank you so much tombola for my win in Blocks. I was laying in bed playing Blocks and then I went to buy for next game and couldn't believe it. My balance had shot up to over £5000. We can treat our 3 daughters and have treated ourselves to a short break in Hungary. Thank you so much!" - theladywins