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about tombola bingo

Well, where to start? We're a family run company and our sister company was printing bingo tickets in the golden age of the 1950s; when children roamed the streets with a skip in their steps, Elvis' hips were causing a stir and the world was all black and white...

Fast forward to 2006, when tombola was born, the world had transcended into full technicolour, and although we have grown and evolved, we have kept our core values – to build a company we can be proud of with our community, that's you guys, at the heart!

To help us keep our community at the forefront, every aspect of tombola bingo and tombola arcade product development is managed in-house and when we say every aspect we mean it – a number of our bingo and arcade games are unique just to us, so you'll not find them anywhere else. We like to think this helped us become Britain's biggest Bingo site.

We try our upmost to be responsible and honest – we encourage low-stake play rather than influence greater spend. We want to look after our players and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Some players come on just to have a natter in our chat rooms with other players and our friendly, if not a little crazy, Chat Room Moderators.

All of our customer service guys are based in the UK, mostly here in the North East of England which is where tombola HQ is based.

It's not just us who thinks the community we have created is a little bit good, we have awards to prove it (we keep the trophies on a shelf in the 1st floor toilets so people can practice their acceptance speeches in the mirror). Some of our players have become friends on the site and now meet up in the real world as well as the virtual, we've had a couple of tombola marriages, and even have our players starring in our bingo TV adverts!

Our aim is to keep getting bigger while keeping our community at the heart. We launched tombola arcade in July 2016, our spin on traditional arcade games, we also have bingo sites in both Italy and Spain and have plans to take over the worl... erm, to move into other countries too!

If you have any other questions whether it be about bingo or arcade, our games or want to make some suggestions or just want to ask us our favourite colour we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch via email, live chat, phone or over on social media.