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Pulse - bingo with a pop!

Our floating Pulse bubbles are loads of fun, and you can join our futuristic bingo game from just 10p. The prize you win varies with the amount you pay to join the game, in Pulse stakes go up to £2. Each game plays for a Pulse Prize (Full House) and a two tier Jackpot that can be won in 16 or 19 calls.

What is Pulse bingo?

Pulse is unique to tombola, and we think you’ll love popping your way to a prize. You can buy bingo tickets for 10p, 25p, 50p £1 or £2. If a prize is won by more than one winner then the prize value is divided by the number of winners, if two or more players win the Jackpot (in the same amount of calls) they each receive that Jackpot prize, relating to the amount they staked of course.

You’ll find that the Pulse Chat Rooms are ordered by the next game that is about to start, and each room can hold approximately 75 players. The great thing about Pulse is that there are games starting every few seconds, so what are you waiting for? Give Pulse a pop!

How to play Pulse

Choose from one of our 11 Pulse Chat Rooms, once you’re in you can choose the price of your ticket. If you’re happy with the price, click confirm and the wait for the game to start. When the game begins your numbers will show on the screen, floating around without a care in the world. As they’re called they will pop automatically, or you can choose to do it manually by clicking the three lines at the top left of your screen and select auto mark. Each player has one ticket per game with 12 numbers that disappear once called. If the floating bubbles are too much excitement for you, click on the room name within the game and the balls will stop moving.

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Thank you so much tombola for my Jackpot win in Pulse. I wasn’t paying much attention then I saw my name pop up that I had won.. I soon realised it was the Jackpot! I couldn’t believe it. - eus16