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Paper bingo – a lighter way to play

We’ve put pen to paper and crafted something new, and now that everything has folded into place, let us introduce you to the paper-realistic world of Paper.

What is Paper bingo? 

We love to hear from our players, and one of the things that you guys asked for is a tombola version of penny bingo.

Play from 1p, 2p, 10p or 20p per ticket with a maximum spend of £1 per game. Choose your preferred stake and you will be ready for the upcoming game.

There are three potential prizes within the game, the Single Prize, and a two stage Jackpot.

How to play Paper

The aim of the game is to call one of your strips before anybody else in the game. Each strip is horizontal. There’s also a two stage Jackpot within the game, clear your strip in five calls and you could win up to £10,000, or if you clear your strip within six calls, the Jackpot can reach up to £2,000.

Once you've selected your stake, it's time to get your tickets. There are five tickets to choose from, just click the buy tab to view the numbers on each ticket. When you're happy with your selection, confirm your purchase and you're bought in for the next game. 

Our Chat Moderators are always in chat to welcome, and help you, so come and explore the exciting new world of penny bingo.

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“I have played Paper, for 1p it’s great value, good fun and very nice prize money to be won.  What a great site you are tombola.” - lintig