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What are bingo Jackpots?

What are bingo Jackpots?

If you’re new to the world of bingo or are still getting to grips with how to play bingo online, you may be wondering how online bingo Jackpots work. Whether in land-based bingo or online, the term Jackpot refers to a special prize that is the largest possible on offer for a specific game. Whereas the other prizes in a game, such as the Line prizes or the Full House, are guaranteed to be won in every game, the Jackpot prize isn’t. There’s no way of knowing when the Jackpot will be won – it can go in any game. Online bingo Jackpot prizes vary from game to game and site to site, and there are several different types of bingo Jackpots to play for too.   

What are the different types of bingo Jackpots?

Although not all online bingo games have a Jackpot up for grabs, it’s always worth checking the ‘how to play’ section for each game to find out what prizes are on offer. Not only can you familiarise yourself with how many calls are needed to win the Jackpot for that particular game. But you can also find out what type of Jackpot it is you’re playing for.    

Fixed Jackpots

A fixed Jackpot is a set prize amount that is always available, no matter how many times it has already been won. To win a fixed Jackpot, players must clear all their numbers for the Full House within a specified number of calls. For example, in our 25p per ticket 80 ball bingo game bingo80, you will win a £500 Jackpot if you complete a Full House in 45 calls or less. The £500 Jackpot is available to be won in every game, even if it was won in the previous game.

Some games even have a two-tier fixed Jackpot system. Our futuristic bingo game Pulse, for example, has a two-tier Jackpot of up to £20,000 up for grabs. If you pop all your numbers within 16 calls or less, you will win 10,000 x your stake. If you just miss out on the top-tier Jackpot but still clear your 12 numbers within 16 - 19 calls, you will win 1,000 x your stake.

Progressive Jackpots

The way to win a progressive Jackpot is the same as a fixed Jackpot – by completing a Full House within a specified number of calls. However, whereas a fixed Jackpot has a set prize amount that doesn’t change, a progressive Jackpot increases in every game up until it is won. The more people that buy into a game, the quicker the Jackpot prize amount increases.

Once a progressive Jackpot has been won, it will reset back to a certain amount. It will then increase in every game until it has been won again. For example, in our popular 90 ball bingo game bingo90, the bingo Jackpot will start at £500. It will increase in every game up until someone marks off a Full House within 40 calls or less, with our biggest bingo90 Jackpots to date reaching over £35,000. As with all online bingo Jackpots, you never know when it will be won - it can be won at any time.

Community Jackpots

One of our main tips for playing bingo online is to join in the fun with the bingo community. It’s a great way to make new friends and get the most out of your bingo experience. Some sites even offer community Jackpots to be won too. A community Jackpot is a jackpot that is shared amongst all contributing players. The bingo Jackpot can be shared in a variety of ways, but the most common split is 50% of the prize for the player who triggered the Jackpot, and 50% shared amongst all other players.

At tombola, all our online bingo Jackpots are either fixed Jackpots or progressive Jackpots, and the best news? They are never shared. If more than one player wins the Jackpot at the same time, they will each receive the full Jackpot amount.

We do, however, have a game called Stakeback where one of the prizes works in a similar way to community Jackpots. When buying your tickets, you get the chance to pick a team colour from purple, blue, orange, green and red. All players in the winning team, which is determined by the colour of the winning tile, win their stake back. The Jackpot in Stakeback, however, is a two-tier fixed Jackpot where you can win either 10,000 x your stake or 1,000 x your stake.

Which tombola games are best for bingo Jackpots?

One of the main reasons why online bingo is so popular is because of the many different types of bingo games available to play. Many of our games are completely unique, as we design and create all our games in-house at tombola HQ, and you won’t find them anywhere else. With a wide variety of games and staking options available, you will often see Jackpots being won on different games throughout the day or night.

The largest Jackpots that have been won on tombola have been in bingo90. Some of our bingo90 Jackpot winners have even scooped over £35,000, including mrsbarrowman who won a whopping £39,341, and xxpepsixx who won £36,890. In bingoLite, which also has a progressive Jackpot, the Jackpot has reached over £2,500 on several occasions – not bad from a 2p stake! Our biggest bingoLite Jackpot winners to date include runk62 who won £2,891, and lynneb1958 who took home £2,686.

Most of our other games have a fixed Jackpot with prizes ranging anywhere from £100 to £20,000. You can be in with a chance of winning a fixed Jackpot from just 5p per game in Cinco, Picture bingo, Roller-Coaster, Morph, and Potion. There’s even a Jackpot up for grabs in our penny bingo game Paper, where you can win a £500 Jackpot from a 1p stake.

If you enjoy being in with a chance of winning big prizes, it’s also worth keeping an eye out for any upcoming bingo promotions. This is where prizes are boosted in certain games for a specific time period.