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How to play bingo online

Welcome to the wonderful world of online bingo. We’ve got the lowdown on how to play bingo online. Have a look at our most popular questions below. But, if there’s still a burning question we haven’t answered, you might find it on our bingo help page.

What is bingo?

The basic principles of any bingo game are the same; you buy a ticket with numbers on and get a pen of dabber to mark off your numbers. Eyes down now, the game is about to start!

Numbers are called out by the bingo caller and, if you have them on your ticket, you mark them off. If you mark all the numbers in one line before all the other players, you’ll win a 1 Line prize. The game then plays on, usually for a 2 Line prize and then a Full House, which is all the numbers on your ticket marked.

What are the Jackpots for online bingo? 

It's not just land-based bingo that has Jackpots up for grabs, it's online bingo too. You can win a bingo Jackpot if you mark all your numbers within a certain number of calls before any other player. Online bingo Jackpot prizes vary from game to game on tombola and there are several different types of Jackpot to play for.

A fixed Jackpot, such as the one in bingo80, is a set prize amount that never changes no matter how many times it has already been won. A progressive Jackpot, like in bingo90, increases in every game up until it has been won. 

How do you play the game online?

Playing online bingo is just like playing bingo in real life in a hall or club, but just with a few key differences. You can set your online tickets up to mark themselves! You’ll never miss a number. Even if you don’t select auto marking, we’ll always tell you if you’ve missed a number and won a prize.

Another great bonus about playing bingo online is, even if you’re playing at home, there’s always someone to chat to in our super friendly Chat Rooms. Unlike the silence of a traditional bingo club, talking is encouraged during our bingo games. We have a lovely Chat Moderator in every room to lend a hand if there is something you’re not sure of.

The last big difference is the variety of exciting and unique games available when you’re playing bingo online. We have so many unusual bingo games that you won’t find anywhere else. All of our games are designed and built in-house, and we’re sure that you’ll find something you love at tombola.

How does online bingo work?

Our online bingo games work just like the traditional games you’ll be familiar with. But, ours are powered by a Random Number Generator that acts as the bingo caller. This means that all of our games are totally fair.

You’ll choose which game you want to play, and select the ticket price and the number of tickets. Some games are fixed to one ticket at one stake price, while others have more flexibility. After that, you’ll wait for the bingo calls to start. All our games have a how to play section that you can read while you wait for the game to start. Or you can ask for help in the accompanying Chat Room if you have any questions.

When the game starts, the caller will announce the numbers and you’ll mark your ticket – or set your tickets to auto mark and watch the game play out. The first player to mark all the numbers wins the game, and this is known as winning the Full House. Along the way, there may be additional prizes for marking off one or two whole lines of numbers. These prizes vary depending on which game you are playing.

What are the different types of bingo games?

Here at tombola, we have loads of different types of bingo games for you to choose from. There's everything from Blocks, our explosive bingo game with two chances to win in every game, to our popular card-based bingo game Nevada

There's even a chance to win your stake back in Stakeback, our exciting bingo game with a twist. If the winning number is the colour of your team, you’ll win your ticket value back.

We also have a variety of low stake bingo games for our players to enjoy, including our exclusive penny bingo game Paper. 

Can you play 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo online? 

90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo are considered the two most traditional forms of the game, and we have two of each available to play here at tombola. Our original bingo game bingo90 is undoubtedly our most popular, and tickets start from just 10p. If you like the idea of playing 90 ball bingo games but would like to keep your stakes even lower, we also have bingoLite which you can enjoy from just 2p.

If 75 ball bingo is more your cup of tea, you'll love bingo75 shapes and bingo75 lines. Our original 75 ball bingo game bingo75 shapes is inspired by the most popular form of bingo stateside, while bingo75 lines is a popular Swedish variant of the game. 

What is an online bingo community?

At tombola, we’re really proud of our online bingo community. Every game has its own Chat Rooms or set of rooms. In every room, you’ll find a Chat Moderator and a whole load of lovely players ready for a natter and a bit of fun. Sometimes we’ll have fun Chat Room games and quizzes with bonus funds up for grabs, or you might find yourself part of a Chat Room sing-a-long, movie night or even a game of what am I?

We’ve got so much going on in our friendly community that we had to make a virtual noticeboard to keep track. You can check what’s on this week by visiting our Community Hub.

What are the rules?

First things first, you have to be 18 or older and living in the UK. When you sign up to play with us, we’ll ask you for some information. This will include where you live, how old you are and your contact details too. We’re a friendly bunch, so we like to keep in touch. You can find more on registering an account with us over on our bingo help page.

Another thing you should know about playing online bingo with us is that keeping you safe while you have fun is really important. We have our own set of responsible gambling tools that we call safeplay. We’ve got a tool for everything. So, if you want to set a deposit limit, freeze a game or take some time out altogether, we can help.

Our last tip here is to get involved. Try our different games to find your favourite. Every bingo game has a how to play section, so if you’re not sure, read that before you buy a ticket. You can also ask the Chat Moderator in the Chat Room to give you some pointers.

Don’t be shy in Chat! We love to talk and joining in is a great way of making some new friends.

Is online bingo fixed?

All the game results on tombola are randomly generated and cannot be predetermined. Like all operators, we use an industry standard Random Number Generator to determine the outcome of each game. We use the Random Number Generator to pick the numbers for each game so that they are fair. You can find out more about the rules of online bingo and how it works on our section on Fair Gambling.