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tombola Chat Room guidelines

Our friendly Chat Rooms are a warm and welcoming place. To help keep them that way, there are a few guidelines that we ask all our players to stick to. We are inclusive and our Chat Moderators love to chat to all our players. So, to help keep our Chat Rooms on track, we’ll take you through some of the tombola Chat Room guidelines, and how to get the most out of your Chat Room experience.

How to get involved in the bingo Chat Rooms

When you select a game to play, you can join that game’s Chat Room too. You don’t have to chat, but we think its more fun if you do. In our Chat Rooms you will find our Chat Moderators and they’ll be there to answer any questions you might have. You’ll also see that they greet new players as they enter the room too.

The best way to get involved is to get stuck in. Say hi when you enter the room and join in with the conversation. If a game is in play, the Chat Room might be focussed on watching that game play out. But, you might also find that the players are in the middle of a natter about what’s the best flavour of crisps...

The best part about tombola Chat Rooms is that even though they are associated with our bingo games, you don’t have to be staking to join in the fun. Just pop along to a Chat Room at any time of day or night and you’ll find someone ready for a natter. 

Can you play games with chat bingo?

Our Chat Moderators host fun chat bingo games in our rooms for our players to enjoy. As all our wonderful CMs are so unique, they each have their own chat bingo games to play. The chat bingo games you will find on tombola vary from a themed quiz with the chance to win bonus funds, to a game of who am I? This is where the CM will describe a celebrity and the roomies will try and guess from the clues.

It's also worth keeping an eye on the community hub page to see what extra special chat bingo games and quizzes our CMs have coming up. Some even have prizes such as gift vouchers up for grabs!

How to stay safe when playing online bingo

Playing on tombola should be about fun, having a good time and staying safe. Bingo can be an enjoyable pastime, but we want you to stay in control too. You should never spend more than you can afford.

We have a range of responsible gambling tools to help you stay safe while playing bingo that we call safeplay. These tools include setting a Deposit Limit to help you stay within your budget, and then locking that limit in place so you’re not tempted to spend more. We have a whole safeplay section where you can read more about our tools and our commitment to keeping you safe while you play.

What do the Chat Bingo Moderators do?

Chat Moderators help make sure that tombola is a welcoming and fun place for all our players. You’ll find our CMs popping in and out of the rooms for a natter and some of our busier rooms even have a CM in at all times. Not only do they help keep the chat flowing, they'll also share news on any upcoming announcements for tombola and answer any questions you might have about the games or the site in general. Keep your eyes peeled for special guest CMs too, they'll pop into Chat to celebrate a game launch, a Chat promo or a special holiday.

There are a few Chat Room rules that we ask you to stick to. This helps keep the Chat Rooms fun for everyone:

  • Please be respectful to all the other players and our lovely CMs too.
  • Don't swear or use inappropriate language.
  • Be friendly and inclusive; everyone is welcome in our tombola community.

We pride ourselves on having the largest and friendliest online bingo community.