The Nation has Spoken: Your 20 Store Cupboard Favourites

your 20 Store Cupboard FavouritesBack in October we launched a survey asking tombola times readers to answer the ultimate kitchen question: what are the ten store cupboard items you wouldn’t be without?

We received so many nominations for your favourite tasty store cupboard saviours that the top ten has now become the top 20! We couldn’t possibly miss out some of the favourites, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the top scorers…

20. Couscous
19. Maldon sea salt
18. Chorizo
17. Black peppercorns
16. Buitoni pasta
15. Sarson’s malt vinegar
14. Kikkoman soy sauce
13. Coleman’s mustard
12. Marmite
11. Nutella
10. Lea and Perrin’s
9. Tomato puree
8. HP sauce
7. Scott’s porridge oats
6. Napolina tinned tomatoes
5. Filippo Berio extra-virgin olive oil
4. Oxo beef stock cubes
3. Basmati rice
2. Heinz baked beans
1. Heinz tomato ketchup

Some of our favourites at tombola towers made it into the top 20 alongside tried and tested classics (long live Heinz!), but there were some curveballs. We weren’t expecting to see chorizo up there, but when you consider how popular Spanish cooking has become, isn’t all that big of a surprise.

Nutella, is another that stood out as a more unusual choice. From pancakes and crumpets to toast and cupcakes (even savoury dishes!), it’s a versatile store cupboard treat that is fast becoming a staple.

The best bit about our store cupboard survey wasn’t just the interesting results, but the fact that one lucky tombola times reader has won every product from the top 20…

Congratulations Amy Sharp! Each item could be used to create a standout dish or a bowl of comfort food, and will help to keep your store cupboard stocked with all of the essentials. Happy cooking!

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