Michael Pattemore: Life without Lynda

Michael Pattemore, also known to Loose Women fans as Mr Spain, visited the studios this week to talk about how his family was coping with life without his late wife, Lynda Bellingham.

He began by saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who has bought Lynda’s book, There’s Something I’ve Been Dying to Tell You, which has already sold 200,000 copies.

Michael also wanted to thank the Post Office in Somerset, for keeping up with all of the letters and cards – testament to just how many people were touched by this wonderful lady. They even made sure that letters addressed to ‘Mr Spain, Crewkerne, Somerset’ went through his mum’s letterbox – and if that’s not great service then we don’t know what is.

His third thank you went to all those who have donated to their chosen charity, Action Against Cancer, in Lynda’s memory. Through a shaky voice, Michael announced: “As you well know, we didn’t want flowers and I wanted all the money to be donated to Action Against Cancer, and to this date, we’ve raised £100,000.”

Knowing the turmoil of losing a member of the family, Gloria Hunniford asked Michael how the family would deal with Christmas:

“Whether you know Lynda or not, we were all caught up with the fact that she wanted to reach Christmas – it was such a pinnacle. Have you decided how you’re going to deal with that?”

“Erm, I’m probably going to go away.” Michael managed. “I mean, it’s the one time of year that she loved and as I said in the paper, we had enough Christmas decorations to do the whole of Regent Street.”

In a tribute to Lynda, Premier Foods (owners of Oxo) has announced that it will re-screen her famous ad on Christmas Day, “in memory of her life and career”. It wasn’t just as the much-loved Oxo mum that Lynda showcased her acting skills, however – Lynda won awards for British comedy Faith in the Future and its sequel, Second Thoughts.

Lynda’s talents weren’t limited to the screen though; we were thrilled to discover that Lynda wrote another book in her final months, entitled The Boy I Love.

Speaking about the new book, Michael said:

“It’s not what you think. You think it’s all about a boy, girl and all the rest of it. It goes back to when Lynda went to drama school and all actors pre-1988 had to do 40 weeks in the theatre before they could then go on and do TV… The book is all about Lynda. Sally is Lynda.”

Before the show’s end, Ruth Langsford read out some of the messages that had been sent in from the viewers. One of the letters read:

“You’re doing great Mr Spain. You’re doing a great job so stay strong. You have a beautiful family and thank you again for the massive decision to allow the ad on Christmas Day in Lynda’s memory.”

Another viewer wrote:

“I will never forget how Lynda’s eyes lit up and her smile grew bigger every time Mr Spain was mentioned. He’s inspirational – a wonderful man who, with Lynda, gave each other love, strength and courage to face life and its tragedies. Our prayers are with you and your family.”

Do you have a message of support for Mr Spain and the rest of Lynda’s family? Get in touch by leaving a comment in the box below.

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