Five Groups we’d Love to Make a Comeback


The Loose Women were joined by Alesha Dixon this week, who recently released her a single, The Way We Are – an anthem that has everyone in the tombola towers feeling very summery! The new sound got us talking about Alesha’s Mis-Teeq days, and the countless other girl / boy groups that are sadly no more. Here are the top five that we’d love to hear from again…

The Beatles

Okay, so this one definitely isn’t possible, but we can but dream that they’ll visit us in a wonderful Sgt. Pepper-style dream, singing I Am The Walrus and Eleanor Rigby. Just imagine how many people would try to buy tickets for another gig from these guys? We’d love to have the chance to ‘Twist and Shout’ at a live Beatles concert.


When we spoke to Lorna from LC’s Closet, it was this iconic Mancunian band that topped her list:

“I would absolutely love for Oasis to make a comeback. They are one of all time my favourite bands and, to this day, I think Oasis is still the best concert I have ever been too. I just want to have the chance to relive that and see them live again.”


It was a sad day for everyone when we had to say ‘Bye Bye Bye’ to *NSYNC. The spikey, ice-tipped hair… the waistcoats… the abs – no wonder they were so popular!  Luckily for us, Justin Timberlake stuck around in the spotlight for a bit longer, which was music to our ears (literally)! Still, it would be incredible to see these 90s pop stars dust off their bandanas and give us one last performance.

The White Stripes

Fiona, at Watching You Grow, was very certain about her choice:

“I’m going to be totally selfish here and base my decision on a band I’d love to see live. I would definitely choose The White Stripes. I did see them once, I think on one of their first UK tours, but I only knew a couple of songs at the time so I really don’t feel like I made the most of that experience! I remember watching the television coverage of Glastonbury when they headlined and really wishing I’d been there. I never managed to see them again, so they’re definitely the band I would choose to make a come-back – I love their sound!”

Spice Girls

We were never going to make it through this list without mentioning the one and only Spice Girls. They were the One Direction of the last generation and, even now, they hold a special place in the hearts of thousands. Everyone had a favourite… and most people still do! If only they could recreate that magic once more, or just perform Wannabe in its entirety one last time…

Do you have a favourite group that you’d love to see return for one more performance?

Image credit: InSapphoWeTrust /, CC 2.0

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