Five Extravagant Christmas Light Displays

Remember our post about some of the impressive Christmas lights you can find right across the globe? Well, it isn’t just certain towns and cities that go all out with their festive illuminations, many day-to-day domestic homes do, too!

We’ve been on the hunt for the most extravagantly illuminated homes around, and have discovered five houses that have most definitely been decorated with an extra helping of Christmas spirit!

5. Santa’s Ark – Bracknell, England


Some of the most recognisable symbols of Christmas are animals like penguins and reindeer. They adorn cards, wrapping paper and advertising campaigns, and this garden in Bracknell! We think this miniature ‘Santa’s ark’ looks stunning (and actually rather tasteful) – thoughts that seem to be mirrored by the traffic jams of onlookers that apparently build up in front of the house!

4. Christmas countdown – Ash Vale, England



The nearer we get to number one, the more extravagant the lights become! This impressive collection also comes from right here in England, and gives out a fiery glow that we think is representative of winters in front of a glowing fire. We particularly love the snowman posting a letter to Santa, and the Christmas countdown clock!

3. Festive and they know it – California, USA

LMFAO’s song ‘Sexy and I Know it’ didn’t just cause a stir in the singles charts back in 2011, it also caused a stir on a Californian street.

This mind-boggling display involved setting up strobe lights, flood lights and thousands of LED lights, not to mention three singing faces rigged up to mime along with the music. If Santa could take time out of his busy Christmas schedule to dance the night away in an Arctic club, we’re pretty sure it’d look something like this!

2. Rainbow wonderland – Port Coquitlam, Canada



Wow, there aren’t many words to describe this rainbow of Christmas cheer! You could say that once you begin to lose sight of your house behind a sea of lights, you may have gone too far, but the vibrant colours and quirky touches are undeniably captivating. How cute are the teddy bears?

1. Frozen with wonder – Texas, USA

These homeowners really have let it go, ‘it’ being their inhibitions! This display really encapsulates what Christmas is about (except for the very strange addition of a cactus!), especially since, this year, a big part of the festive season involves the film phenomenon Frozen. Coupled with snowflakes and ‘frosted’ trees, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, although we’d have loved to have seen a shimmering Olaf the snowman!

We’ve all driven past those houses that are lit up so brightly they could be seen from space – have any popped up where you live? We’d love to see some pictures of them!

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  1. luv all the christmas lights even though i’m 68 still very childish at xmas luv it

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