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What is penny bingo?

What is penny bingo?

One of the main reasons why online bingo is so popular is because of the low stake options bingo sites now offer. Sites continue to introduce more and more games that players can enjoy with low stakes. The best sites have a variety of different staking options available, and some even offer penny bingo games.

Penny bingo is, to put it simply, a bingo game that you can play from just 1p. They offer the same thrill and excitement as the higher stake games, but for a fraction of the cost. Not only are they a low-risk way for new players to learn how to play bingo online, but they are popular amongst experienced players too.

Penny bingo gives all players the chance to enjoy the social aspect of bingo without the need to spend large sums. While having fun in the chat rooms, players can enjoy 100 games of bingo for just £1. Despite the low-ticket cost, you can often find big prizes up for grabs. Some penny bingo games even have Jackpots to be won too!

How to play penny bingo games

If you like the sound of playing bingo from just 1p per ticket, you may be wondering how to play penny bingo. The good news, however, is that penny bingo works in the same way as any other type of bingo. Sites can offer their penny games in any form, including 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball bingo. To play, simply make sure you have funds in your account, select how many tickets you would like to buy, and confirm your purchase for the game.

You can either manually mark your ticket or use the auto-dabbing function. As both options have their benefits, it’s down to personal choice how you mark your tickets. By manually marking, you may feel more involved in the game. Don’t worry about a lapse in concentration either, as the numbers will automatically be marked if you do happen to miss a number. If you choose to use the auto-dabber, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a natter in the chat rooms while watching the game play out.

The key thing to know about how to play penny bingo games is that the rules and regulations differ from site to site. The terms of one site may be completely different from those of another. Like all forms of bingo, penny bingo is a game of chance. There are, however, a few things to remember when playing.

  • Stick to your budget – Remember, it only takes one lucky ticket to win. With tickets costing just 1p, it’s easy to get carried away and those pennies can quickly turn into pounds. 
  • Check the times – The penny bingo games on some sites are only available at certain times of the day or week. It’s always worth checking the schedule and keeping up to date with when they are running. 
  • Read the T&Cs – Be aware that some sites require you to play through your winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw. This is not the case on tombola, you can withdraw winnings immediately.
  • Have fun – To get the most out of your bingo experience, join in with the chat in the chat rooms. They are a great place to have fun, make new friends, and socialise. 

What tombola penny bingo games are available?

If you decide to play online bingo with tombola, not only will you be able to play bingo for free with our daily game Merge, but you can also play our penny bingo game Paper too. Paper is not time-sensitive and, like all of our bingo games, is available to play at any time between Monday – Sunday. There’s a single prize to be won in every game, and a two-tier Jackpot up for grabs too.

Prizes in each game vary depending on how many are playing, with higher prizes on offer during peak times. The two Jackpot amounts never change. From a 1p stake, you will win a £500 Jackpot if you clear all five numbers within 5 calls or a £100 Jackpot if you clear them within 6 calls. You can also play Paper from 2p, 5p, and 10p per ticket. The maximum number of tickets you can buy per game is five.

Although we have many different types of bingo games available to play, the most you can spend per single game on any of our tombola games is £2. Even our most popular games, such as bingo90, Pulse, and Blocks, have tickets starting from just 10p. Although Paper is our only penny bingo game, we do have many other games which can be played from 5p or under. Not only are they a great way to enjoy bingo whilst staying within your budget, but they all have Jackpots up for grabs too.

  • bingoLite – Play 90-ball bingo from just 2p per ticket. The Jackpot is progressive, which means it increases up until it’s won, and can reach over £1,000. 
  • Picture bingo – Our picture-based bingo game starts from just 5p per ticket. Match all your symbols in 26 calls or less to win a £100 Jackpot from a 5p stake. 
  • Roller-Coaster – Tickets in our funfair-themed bingo game Roller-Coaster start from just 5p. There’s a £1,000 Jackpot to be won if you can fill your carriage in the first 5 balls and a £100 Jackpot if you can do it in the first 6.