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bingo50 - bubble popping bingo fun

What is bingo50? 

bingo50 is the summer baby of tombola, having been launched in the summer of ’09. Aside from our latest 30 ball addition bingo30, it's is the shortest of its sibling games, bingo60, bingo75, bingo80 & bingo90. So if you’re wanting a quick five minute break, grab a drink and a snack and sink into the sofa with us for a game or two of bingo50. Our Chat Moderators and players are waiting for a natter in our bingo50 Chat Room. Don’t forget to check out our bingo offers for our bingo50 promotions.

How to play bingo50

Select your stake from either 25p, 50p, 75p or £1. You’ll receive five tickets with ten numbers on each ticket ranging from 1-50. All you have to do is pop your numbers off one by one until they’re all popped! You can pop the numbers yourself when they’re called, or you can have it done automatically. There are two prizes within the game, One Line and Full House. You can grab a Jackpot in bingo50 up to £1,000 within 19 calls. The great news is, if two people win the Jackpot in the same game, it won’t be shared, they will both win the full amount!

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I had the pleasure of playing bingo50 today with a free £5 I had received and managed to not only win the Full House but also the Jackpot of £1000. It has made my day. Thanks tombola very happy girlie. – Tinytash26