Cinco - the card game with a bingo twist

Combine a bit of glitz and glam with £20,000 Jackpots and tah-dah – you’ve got Cinco, the card based bingo game from tombola. Games start from just 5p, or raise the stakes to 10p, 20p or even 40p. You can buy one hand or go all out and buy five. You’ll see your hands laid out in front of you just before the bingo begins. The dealer will then reveal one card after another. If you have a matching card a chip will be placed on it. Match all five cards in one hand and you win!

Cinco has many different Chat Rooms, some of them are only open at set times during the day, the game lobby will tell you the opening times for each room. Each Cinco room allows approximately 75 people in to play. If you can’t get in to your favourite room, why not try a different room and meet new people - our lovely Chat Moderators will help make you feel at home.

The Cinco prize goes up and down, depending on how many people are playing, and prizes are shared if there is more than one winner. The Jackpot has three tiers and you can win it if you match all five cards, within the 5th – 7th card being drawn. The sooner you win, then the more you’ll receive! The Jackpot you can win will be dependent on the price you have played to join the game and our Cinco Jackpots are never shared. Are you ready to join the fun? Chips at the ready!

How to play Cinco

Once you’ve chosen your Chat Room from the lobby, you’ll be able to purchase your tickets. Each room has its own price limit so you can’t change the price, but you can buy up to five hands. Simply select the amount of tickets you’d like and once the next game starts, you’re ready to go. When a card in your hand is called, a chip will be placed over it. If you’ve got a lucky colour, then great news! You can change the colour of your chips by clicking the three lines at the top left of your screen and then chip colour. Each hand is 5 cards. If your entire hand is called within 7 calls, the Jackpot is yours!

I was on the phone to my boyfriend when I heard winner looked at my phone to my total surprise I'd won the Jackpot!! I literally cannot believe it but its going to come in handy for my New York trip. Thank you so so much!!