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If you've been dipping your toes into the waters of online bingo, you might've come across our bingo Link games. If you're not quite sure what a Link game is or whether or not it's a good thing (trust us, it is!), we've broken down everything you need to know below.

What is a bingo Link game?

Getting to know the bingo lingo can be one of the most daunting tasks for anyone new to the world of online bingo. Not only are there different bingo calls to get to grips with, but there’s a variety of abbreviations and terminology to understand too!

At tombola, you may often hear our Chat Hosts or players mention the Link games that occur in some of our bingo games

So, what is a bingo Link game, we hear you say?

Simply put, a bingo Link game is when all the rooms or clubs in a game join to play for one big prize pot. They take place at specific times of the day and are only available in certain games.

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What’s the difference between a classic bingo game and a bingo link game?

There are two major differences between a classic game of bingo and a Link game. The first is the number of players. The number of players in a classic bingo game depends on how many players are active in the room or club you bought your tickets in. The number of players in a Link game depends on how many players have bought a ticket in every room or club in the game – not just your room or club.

The second major difference between a traditional bingo game and a Link game is the prizes up for grabs. As with most bingo games, the prize fund depends on the total number of tickets purchased for the game. Bingo Link games have far more players (since all the rooms and clubs are combined), and the prizes on offer are much, much higher. For example, if a bingo game had six different clubs, all six clubs would play their games during a normal game. In a bingo Link game, all six clubs combine to play for a shared prize pot. So, as you can imagine, the prizes are pretty hefty!

What bingo Link games are available at tombola?

At tombola, two of our most popular games have Link games available to play.

How much do our bingo Link games cost to play?

Our lowest-stake game that has link games available to play is bingo Lite. Tickets in bingo Lite start from just 2p and the maximum you can spend per game is 40p. In bingo90, you can play for just 10p per ticket and the maximum you can spend per game is £2.

Are the Jackpots different on bingo link games?

The bingo Jackpots in both bingo90 and bingo Lite are always linked, even during normal games. Although the Line and Full House prizes vary from room to room, the Jackpot prize amount will be the same in each room. Both bingo90 and bingo Lite play for a progressive Jackpot, which means it increases in every game until it's won.

The bingo90 Jackpot is won if a player in any club wins the Full House in 40 calls or less. Once we've crowned our lucky winner, the Jackpot is reset to £500 in all clubs. It'll gradually increase in every game until it's won again! 

All rooms in bingo Lite also play for the same Jackpot, irrespective of whether it’s during a Link game or a classic game. After a player has cleared all their numbers in 43 calls or less to win the bingo Lite Jackpot, it will reset at £100 in all rooms and increase in every game until it’s won again.

It’s not just Jackpots where huge prizes can be won; we often have Guaranteed Prizes up for grabs during link games in our promotions too. It’s always worth keeping an eye on our bingo promotions page to find out what we have coming up each month.

Why choose tombola's link bingo games?

As well as our wicked prizes up for grabs in our bingo link games, there are a few other reasons to play bingo with us.

At tombola, we stand by our motto to always put our players first. We're passionate about our players and keeping things fun and light-hearted – a bit like us!

Our commitment to you means we've implemented heaps of safeplay measures. Because of that, we've been awarded the Gold Advanced Level 3 Safer Gambling Standard accreditation, so you can play knowing we've got your best interests at heart. We were the first online bingo company to achieve this highest accreditation when it comes to responsible gaming too. Oh, and did we mention that we're fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission?

Aside from that, we've got chat rooms available 24/7 and loads of fun quizzes and games where you can win even more prizes.

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