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Wordsearch – a bingo game, but not as you know it!

You WORD it here first...

Try the newest addition to our bingo games line-up and find your words to win. Our new Wordsearch game is a fun twist on the traditional bingo set-up, where every word really does count.

In order to win, players will need to find and match nine words in their wordsearch grid, or allow the auto mark function to match them, from 36 randomly selected options. Will you be the first to find all nine words and win the up to £1,000 jackpot? Sign up for your account and start playing today

The game features a revolving roster of themes, including summer, baking and football, with a new theme loaded after each round. Which will prove your favourite?

What is wordsearch bingo

Wordsearch bingo is tombola’s unique new spin on the traditional bingo game! As with all of tombola’s games, Wordsearch was developed in-house by our expert team of Research and Development, Programmers, Designers, Animators and more.

Stakes in our fun new bingo game range from 10p to £2, with jackpots of up to £1,000 available. Wordsearch bingo may be a brand-new bingo game but it wouldn’t be tombola without our signature feature, a thriving and friendly chatroom, hosted by our superstar CMs!

How to play Wordsearch bingo

Our new Wordsearch bingo game is interactive, meaning players can enjoy double the fun seeking out the words as they appear on the screen, and marking them off. Alternatively, the handy ‘auto marking’ function ensures you never miss a word.

To get started, simply select your stake, either 10p, 25p, 50p, £1 or £2, for the upcoming game. Once the new game begins, players will notice a theme to all the words being called – they range from baking to summer to football.

There are 36 possible words in each theme, with players having to find all nine on their scorecard, turning them from white to grey, in order to win!

Start playing today and see all the fun for yourself.

Players can choose the fun of finding and marking the words themselves, either by clicking the first letter of the word or dragging their mouse along the word or turn on the ‘auto marking’ feature to keep track of their progress.

The game is won by being the first player to mark all nine words off your search board – complete this in 11 calls or less and you could be a Jackpot winner, with prizes of up to £1,000 up for grabs! 

Players can also catch-up with friends, cheer each other on, and have a good old gossip with our CMs in one of tombola’s signature chat rooms, included in the game.