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Roller-Coaster – bingo with a twist and turn!

Roller-Coaster is back and this time it has bigger plunges and prizes to be won!

What is Roller-Coaster bingo?

Take a seat and hold on tight because in our unique Roller-Coaster game you’ll be catching heads to fill up your carriage. 40 characters will fall from the Roller-Coaster as it goes round the loop so be on alert, you’ve got heads to save.

Play for as little as 5p a carriage with up to four carriages in total to choose from in this fun-fair game.

With a two-tier Jackpot prize of up to £10,000 to be won, you’ll be throwing your hands in the air like you just don’t care and screaming with joy.  

Select the sun and moon icon to shift between day and night mode to suit your mood, whilst you sit back and enjoy the ukulele palm tree inspired carnival tunes.   

There’s one Chat Room for Roller-Coaster, which means there’s a good chunk of players waiting by the carriages for a good ol’ chat, and of course our Chat Moderators are always around too to make it that bit more amusing. 

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How to play Roller-Coaster

Carriages start at 5p and are also available at 10p, 25p and 50p price points. The stake you choose will determine the value of prizes and Jackpots in the game. Use the plus and minus sign to change your stake accordingly. Once you’ve selected your stake, you can choose to purchase up to four carriages.

Once the bingo game starts, each carriage will include 5 names. Your job is to match the names to the balls falling from the Roller-Coaster.

40 differently named balls will fall from the Roller-Coaster, if your carriage contains the same ball that is dropping from the Roller-Coaster, it will fall into the corresponding seat.

All you must do to win the Game Prize is be the first to fill your carriage. If you fill your carriage in the first 5 balls, you’ll win the in 5 Jackpot (up to £10,000), or if you fill your carriage within 6 calls, you win the in 6 Jackpot (up to £1,000). The Jackpots are determined by you stake.

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

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