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Meet the tombola bugs....Sticky

Leaning towards the thespian persuasion, Sticky can often be misconstrued as downright rude. But you can be sure her 'bark' is worse than her bite. It doesn't take much to bug her, particularly when it comes to food, but she doesn't really help herself by being such a stick in the mud. Her argumentative, know-it-all attitude is bound to wear a little 'thin' with the other bugs.

Sticky thinks she's too good for the jungle, so you certainly won't find her taking part in her jungle duties!

Favourite band: Sticky declined to comment.

Favourite tombola game: Sticky declined to comment.

Did you know? Sticky was once mistakenly used as a toothpick by Crocodile Dundee.

To see how Sticky's getting on with the other tombola bugs, tune into ITV's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Don't forget to join in with our competitions, promos and games during the series, either.

Meet the rest of the tombola jungle team

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