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Meet the tombola bugs....Spidey

Introducing you to Spidey… our very own scaredy cat.

Ever wondered what a huge, hairy and venomous tarantula could possibly be scared of? The answer, it seems, is pretty much everything! Since slipping into a dunny bowl at an early age, Spidey has developed countless phobias over the years. As a jumpy, nervous wreck, his biggest phobia (so far) is humans, with a particular aversion to those of the celebrity kind. Shudder.

Favourite band: Spidey is a huge Mariah Carey fan, with his favourite song being ‘Hero’.

Favourite tombola game: All eight of Spidey's legs come in handy for bubble-popping fun in Pulse.

Did you know? Spidey has spun himself a secret safety blanket for when things get too much for him – which is pretty much all the time.

Don't forget to tune into this year's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and keep your eyes peeled for small, hairy jungle critters gatecrashing the ad breaks.

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