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Meet the tombola bugs....Roach

App-Roach with caution. This gal is a real tough mudder: a straight-talking, no-nonsense lady who simply isn't fazed by anything. After all, when you're tough enough to ride out a nuclear apocalypse, sharing a campsite with a few celebs is a scurry in the park (unless any of them are armed with a rolled-up newspaper or slipper).

Roach wouldn't even worry about being in the jungle with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ex-terminator…

Favourite band: Papa Roach.

Favourite tombola game: Roach doesn't have time for novelties; she just wants to get on with playing a quick, no-nonsense game of bingo in bingo50.

Did you know? Roach is so tough that, when Chuck Norris stood on her, she scuttled away without so much as a bent antenna. She can also survive for up to a week without a face. Now that's hardcore.

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