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Meet B! – The Sassy Bug

The self-proclaimed Queen Bee of the castle, B! creates a buzz every time she floats into the room. Although never one to shy away from an adventure, B! is the diva of the group and always has a list of demands as long as her antennas. If she ever finds herself in a sticky situation, she knows she can wing her way out of it with her snappy comebacks and quips.

Favourite band:

Forget about bands, B! only has time for the other Queen B in her life... Beyonce! 

Favourite tombola arcade game:

There’s no place B! would rather bee on tombola arcade than in the forest theme on Glow. She also enjoys exploring the flowers in Spin’s temple.

Did you know?

B! once took part in a 24-hour sponsored silence but only lasted 17 seconds.

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