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Winter Jigsaw game

Jigsaw bingo game

Our seasonal bingo sensation 

Winter has arrived and taken over our Jigsaw game! For a limited time only, get ready to piece together our puzzles to win Jackpots up to £1,000. 

What is Jigsaw? 

A unique take on bingo, Jigsaw players need to complete their puzzle first to win, starting with the corner pieces before moving to the full 15 pieces of the jigsaw. Complete your call in under 28 calls and win a Jackpot up to £1,000.    

How to play Jigsaw 

Choose your stake from five options – 10p, 25p, 50p, £1, and £2. Click confirm and you are bought in for the next game. While you’re waiting for your game to start, why not say hi in our scarily fun Chat Room? (We promise it’s not haunted!) 

Jigsaw has two chance to win in every game - the Corner Prize and Full House. 

Drag and match four corners of the puzzle before anyone else to win the Corner Prize. Be the first person to piece together all 15 numbers on your jigsaw to take home a hauntingly good Full House prize. 

If you can clear all 15 numbers in 28 calls or less, you’ll win a Bingo Jackpot up to £1,000. At tombola, Jackpots are never shared, so each player will receive the full amount if they win in the same number of calls. 

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