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Take a look at our players and CM’s who currently feature in our Emmerdale sponsorship bumpers, they all look amazing. To see them star in a bumper, simply click on their picture.

View players starring in the show’s 5 second bumpers (group shots) on our youtube channel.

If you starred in the TV Emmerdale shoot and would like to send us your feedback from the day please send us an email at: We would love to hear from you. We’ll be adding new pictures and quotes when new bumpers go on air.

We hope you enjoy watching them.

Players c-f


cadensnanna : dabs, chat and laughs

I would like to thank everyone who made my day memorable,something I will remember for a very long time, famous at last,the cms were lovely. Meeting most of the ladies off the site it was nice to put a face to the chat name. I would love to do this again if given the chance.


cazgaz73 : tombola funny man

Great to see how its all put together. Had a good day & few laughs. Good to put faces to names.


chezsut100 : tombola is a giggle

I had a fantastic day at the shoot, I think that every single one of our needs were catered for and we were really made to feel special. For the first time in ages I felt like I looked good which is nigh on impossible for me, the food, the games, the massages, the hair, the makeup absolutely everything was really great. I had a wail of a time :) It was a very long day but definitely worth it I would do it again tomorrow!


chiqueblonde : She's a tombola queenie


chrism33 : he’s totally tombolastic

clarke81 clarke81

clarke81 : anyone for cinco?

Hi all, would just like to say what fun I had when we filmed the ad, it was so nice to meet such lovely friendly people. Thanks for picking me to take part, was so much fun and I will never forget it.

CM cindertoffee

CM cindertoffee : she's here to help

Had an amazing time at the shoot, was brilliant to meet all the players who were so lovely. Its great chatting to them in chat rooms as they all feel even more like friends now after the shoot day, they were up for a laugh along with us cm’s. It’s a day I won’t ever forget as I might never get to do something like this again. The whole day was amazing and I had so much fun and a load of laughs with everyone there. Can’t wait to see all the bumpers and any photos of that day. xx

CM dollybead

CM dollybead : she's bingo bonkers!

I had a brilliant day at the shoot, it was great meeting some of our players and putting a face to a username, some of these roomies I speak to more than my own family and friends lol so it was really great to get to meet some of them and they were all proper cutie pies:) The whole day I will never forget and I keep looking at the photos we took and laughing as it was so much fun. Thanks again tombola.

CM flake

CM flake : loves a tombola gossip

What a fantastic experience doing the advert shoot. It was lovely to meet so many enthusiastic players wanting to be tv stars! I was able to watch a few of the adverts being filmed from behind the scenes and I knew then they were going to look fab on tv, and they do!! I`d like to thank everyone who made it possible for me to go I had a wonderful time and met so many friendly people.

CM Jelly tots

CM Jelly tots : she's a tombola bingo trooper

Going to the Emmerdale shoot was a great experience and one I'll never forget, was so nice to meet players we sit and chat to everyday. Everyone I met that day was brilliant, it’s a day I'll never forget - well done tombola.

CM minstrels

CM minstrels : hostess with the mostess

I had an absolutely amazing time - one I will never forget. It was fantastic to be able to meet the players and experience firsthand what a shoot entails. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and my professional photo shoot and the hair and makeup - talk about being pampered! A great day that was filled with fun and laughter by all - well done tombola!

CM Pannacotta

CM Pannacotta : she's got the bingo touch

Thanks a bunch tombola for my 3 x 3 seconds of fame so far! Most of all for the lovely day at Teddington studios - London. I have never experienced anything like this before - the TV/Ad shoot set. Can't describe the excitement of meeting my colleagues and the roomies I chat to. I am flattered to be a part of such a great team! Thanks a lot!!!

CM passionfruit

CM passionfruit : she likes the bingo banter

Firstly I would like a say a big thank you for such an amazing experience I had so much fun meeting all the players - lovely to put a name to a face. The whole day was amazing from getting a massage done to having makeup and hair done professionally, you could tell everyone was having such a fab time, the film crew were so welcoming it was a long day and was so tired by the end of it all but was well worth it and would def do it all again. xxxx

CM picnic

CM Picnic : let her entertain you!

Please someone get security to move all the paps off my lawn, they are scaring the kids now. I'm not sure I can cope with these levels of fame...! It was a brilliant day, great to meet so many people that we chat to each day, and make some new friends too as always. Dazzer dared me to go burst into the studio where they were filming My Family, lol very tempting but nooo I'll get wrong! Hel's hubby seemed far too comfortable in that dress too, you want to watch him Hel...

CM praline

CM praline : likes a tombola natter

I had an absolutely fantastic day down in London for the Emmerdale Shoot. It was great meeting some of the players. The production crew were all great, and I loved having my hair and makeup done!

CM Sasparilla

CM Sasparilla : she's a tombola girl

I had a fantastic time from the minute we stepped on the train at Newcastle to the minute we arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning. It was great meeting all the players who were very excited and nervous about the shoot but began to relax as the day went on with help from the attending masseuse and the excellent magician who kept everyone entertained. I would also like to say a big thank you to all the crew who looked after us that day and made us feel at ease, in particular Steve who made me laugh by asking me to say “monkey” over and over again in my best Geordie accent for his amusement.

CM spacedust

CM Spacedust : likes a good gossip

I would like to say THANK YOU for an amazing day and experience, the whole day was fantastic and I never wanted it to end. It was great to meet players and also see the filming of the ads, I'm loving watching them all and think Emmerdale’s ratings must’ve sky rocketed with everyone tuning into see the ads! Well done tombola on arranging such an amazing and unforgettable experience x

CM thunder

CM thunder : bingoing crazy for tombola!

Meeting players and putting names to faces was great, and having such an incredible experience at the studios with them all was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The day was unforgettable and the most fun I've had in a long time.

CM wispa

CM wispa : she's a tombola treat

I had the best day meeting all of the players, chatting to them face to face rather than on a computer screen, they were amazing! Even the ones I hadn't spoken to before were so so nice. The whole day was fab, even the getting up at 6am!!!! So much to do it just flew over. We were made to feel like movie stars having hair and makeup done, I just wish it lasted longer!! It was amazing to see how things have come together, one minute you're standing in a room with a camera pointing at you then the next it’s on TV's up and down the country!! The only word I can use to describe it is FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! :o) Thanks again to tombola, the Players and the studios for a day I will never forget xxx


cuteylynda : alive in bingo 75

Ola tombola just a wee quick note to say thank you so much for the best weekend. We were so spoiled and treated like royalty; you did your players so proud. It was 100% perfect, ty. Thanks again, omg if you ever do anything like this again put me first on list. Best experience being there, tombola is number 1 always has been, always will be all the best so excited thank you... tombolas gold medalist at the oylmpics for hula hooping rofl. cuteylynda xxxxx

daryllsmummy daryllsmummy

daryllsmummy : fun loving tombola girl

I had a fantastic time at the TV shoot everyone was fantastic. Everyone was just so lovely and was great to put names to faces. Thank you so much for the great opportunity. It’s one I will never forget :)


DAZZER2K19 : rejoices in rollercoaster

Just a quick email to say thanks for a wonderful day I had down at London doing the advert for yourselves. I had a great time meeting everyone from the site and some of the staff. Many thanks


donut54 : she's a tombola gal

Thank you, I had a great day and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you tombola. XXXXX


doshmeup : she's a bingo blondie

I had an amazing day at the shoot, one I will always remember. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I felt like a star, having my makeup and hair done. It was fabulous!! Thank you so much for the experience.


dusky1 : she’s brill in bingo 80

I would like to say a big thanks to all at tombola and Teddington studios for a fab day. We had such fun and it was a day I will never forget. Thanks again. xx


feemarie : tombola's super duper dabber

Would just like to say a massive thank you tombola for a truly amazing day, was fantastic to meet other players and CM's we got looked after so well and it was an absolutely amazing day and 100% fun starring in the bumpers. We all had our make up done, there was magicians, games, music, we had a gorgeous massage treated like real stars thank you tombola mwahhhhh x


funkynugget : he likes a laugh

Firstly, I would like to say a MASSIVE thanks to everyone at tombola for such a great day - it really was good fun, and something I have always wanted to experience. I met some fantastic people there who I've kept in contact with, and although it was a long day - I loved every single second of it! Its been great telling everyone that I'm starring in one of your adverts, and an even nicer surprise to be told I'm going to be in the first one shown- its makes it even more exciting!! I can't wait until Monday now - think I may have a few beers to calm my nerves before it starts though!