Would your best friend share everything with you?

Our new survey reveals that your best friend is more likely to criticise your new hairstyle or your weight, than to tell you that your partner is cheating on you.


This is just one of the stats from our recent ‘Best Friends’ survey, highlighting that, although UK besties are honest about certain aspects of friendship, they can find it difficult to address more personal situations…

Tombolagraph1 We surveyed 1,700 friendships across the UK, and found that just 29% of people would tell a best friend if their partner had been spotted doing something they shouldn’t.


When it came to appearance, 54% admitted to disliking a best friend’s new hairstyle, and a further 58% being prepared to share concerns with a bestie who had recently gained weight.


The results have also exposed some striking statistics about friendship values: 78% of people considered loyalty to be one of the most important qualities in a friend, whereas generosity was deemed important by only 24% of respondents.


A surprising result from the North of the country was that despite enjoying a reputation for approachability, only 11% of Yorkshire residents see their best friend every day, as opposed to 23% of people who live in the East Midlands.


The survey results showed that a heart-warming number of respondents (more than half, in fact), consider either their parents or siblings to be their best friend. This figure was lowest in London, where less than 40% consider their parents to be best friends.


When asked how many close friends they had in total, however, Londoners appear to be the most sociable people in the UK! On average, those living in the capital have 4.4 close friends: significantly higher than the national average of 3.7.

Dawn-Elizabeth Howe, Head of Marketing at tombola, said that the findings showed just how much we value our friendships:

“We were surprised by a lot of the findings, given how highly we tend to value friendships throughout childhood and into adult life. In the UK we have a strong reputation for priding ourselves on being polite – the survey is a nice reflection of this. Your best friend might not tell you if they don’t like your hair or if you’ve put weight on, but that doesn’t mean they don’t value your friendship. It shows that friendship is more than skin deep.”

The ‘Best Friends’ survey was undertaken as part of our campaign to find Britain’s Best Friend of the Year. The winner will be announced by Loose Women presenters at an awards ceremony on 8th June. The twelve finalists are due to be announced on tombola times.

Did the results of our survey come as a surprise? What makes your best friend special to you? We’d love to know!

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