Will You be Booking an Adventure Holiday This Year?

Ah holidays – something we all look forward to each year, whether relaxing by a pool with a good book or making memories with the family. According to The Daily Telegraph however, more and more Brits are opting for adventure holidays, and the Loose Women were on hand to discuss.

Ruth opened the conversation: “A growing number of us are swapping sun, sea and sangria for activities to work the mind, body and the soul. So, is that you, June?” she asked guest panellist, June Sarpong, “or would you rather be like me (points at an image of a lady relaxing on a lilo). That’s me last year.”

“I used to do that,” June stated, “Now I’m all for Zen, so I’ve just been on a yoga retreat and I was there for a month.”

“A month?!” Janet interrupted.

“A month, yes! I need to find myself,” June said.

“And did you?” asked Ruth.

“No, so I’ve got to go again,” laughed June.

“I once did a silent yoga retreat… I lasted two and a half days. I sat in one position for hour after hour. The only problem was it was vegan food, and there were a lot of curried eggs, and I was aware of any unwanted sounds” Janet explained, setting her fellow Loose Women off laughing.

“I think these activity holidays come from my generation,” she continued. “The pensioners, we love activities. We like walking, we like doing a lot of things and people want to broaden their minds.”

“You’d still have a walk, even if you said you were having what we would call a lazy holiday,” Ruth pointed out.

“I get up at 7am every morning on holiday and do an hour and a half walking. Every weekend I walk, and if I don’t do it I feel like I seize up,” Janet added.

“I get that,” Coleen added, “but I don’t get the kind of going on holiday, where you go white water rafting, I’m not into all that.” The Loose Women shook their heads in agreement.

“Getting a double kayak, equals divorce,” commented Janet.

“I can’t sit in a car with Eamon, let alone a kayak!” Ruth said. “I’m not one for challenging myself. The most I like to do is wander to the bar or swim to the beach bar. Get a little cocktail.”

“That first picture we showed, that’s how I think I look on a lilo,” said Coleen. “I’m always horrified when I’m papped.”

“The only time I get on a lilo, is in a lilo paddling competition,” Janet stated. “You jam it between your legs, stand 10ft back from the pool, all stand in a line and then all throw yourselves in and paddle to the other side.”

“What holidays are you going on?” June asked.

“That’s what they do now in the pensioners club!” Ruth joked.

So, are you more adventure than relaxing? Do you prefer a morning hike up a mountain or are you quite happy to sit back and take in the scenery? Let us know in the comments section below or via social media.

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