Will They, Won’t They: The Ultimate On-Screen Chases


Coronation Street fans couldn’t keep their excitement to themselves following an appearance from one of the recent Loose Women guests!

Melanie Hill, best-known for her roles in The Bill, Waterloo Road and Brassed Off, is set to join the cast as Cathy: Roy Cropper’s potential love interest. After the heart-breaking death of Roy’s soulmate, Hayley, Cathy’s friendship could very well blossom into something a little more romantic, which got us thinking: could this be the next big on-screen chase?

Judging by the nominations from some of our favourite film, television and lifestyle bloggers, there is some stiff competition!

Jack and Kate from Lost

Paul, from film blog The People’s Movies, thinks that Jack and Kate from the surreal drama series, Lost, are worthy nominees:

‘Like many TV shows as well as some films (especially franchises), there always seems to be a love triangle. You find yourself screaming, “Go on man, kiss the girl!” at the screen, week after week, as they come close. Then, unexpectedly, another person comes into the fold.

‘In Lost, Jack and Kate experience a rollercoaster of a romantic relationship. Kate flirts with the Doc throughout season one, then bingo! She kissed Jack in season two. Enter bad boy Sawyer in season three, however, and things start to go awry. The pair sleep together, leaving Jack heartbroken, before he proposes to Kate in season four. She accepts, so does that mean happy faces all around? No – while everyone is scratching their heads and trying to understand what Lost is all about, Jack becomes the keeper of the island, which doesn’t leave him much time for romance.

‘So, did the couple ever find true love? You’ll have to dip into the series to find out!’

Carrie and Mr Big from Sex and the City

Our next couple are a favourite of Ellis, at Ellis Tuesday, and we don’t think this list would be complete without them!

‘Firstly, Sex and the City is one of my favourite TV shows of all time, and is an all-round favourite for a lot of girls out there. I think a lot of that has to do with the whole ‘will-they-won’t-they’ couple of Carrie and Mr Big.

‘The fact that they break up, make up and date many other different people in the meantime makes the final episode all the more satisfying: in Paris, they finally realise that they are meant for one another. The whole romance just kept me excited and guessing about whether they would ever make it work.’

Tim and Dawn from The Office

Our final couple come from one of the nation’s favourite series, and were nominated by Martin at the Seen It blog:

‘One of my favourite will-they-won’t-they TV couples of all time has to be The Office’s Tim and Dawn.

‘Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis obviously deserve credit for bestowing their characters with genuine warmth and likeability, but I think the real plaudits belong to series writers Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant. Across 12 episodes they managed to tease the audience without ever making the characters’ eventual hook-up inevitable – it often seemed that Dawn really would end up staying with Lee.

‘Gervais and Merchant’s decision to end the series after a pretty short run meant that Tim and Dawn’s attempts at romance – unlike those of many other TV couples – never had time to become boring or repetitive. When Dawn returns to Tim at the end of the Christmas special, the start of their relationship feels like a natural, happy place to leave the show, rather a desperate gimmick or cynical ratings grab.’

Has your ultimate on-screen relationship made it into our roundup, or have we missed out a classic romance? Let us know using the comment box below!

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