Where Should the Publicity Stop for Celebs?

This week the Loose Women took a look at the idea of celebrity publicity as they welcomed Penny Lancaster back to the panel. After a recent announcement in the press that Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart were embarking on their very own reality TV show, Coleen, Ruth and Jane were keen to find out more.

“We’ve been reading that you and Rod are going to do your own reality show?” Ruth quizzed Penny.

Coleen seconded that: “I was really excited about this!”

“Well I’m glad you all are,” Penny responded. “I’m terribly sorry to disappoint you all, but it’s an absolute no.

“The journalist who decided to put that out there decided not to pick up the phone and ask one question: ‘is it true? Isn’t it?’ Of course they didn’t bother, so how do we ever know what we’re reading is true or not?”

“So what is it then, Rod’s children?” Jane asked.

“It’s not all of his children no, it’s his first wife Alana, who was married to George Hamilton, and it’s his two children, and her two children with Rod, so Kimberley and Sean and that’s as far as it goes.”

“In this business we have to have publicity, but there’s a fine line between publicity and privacy and I believe, so does Rod, that that stops at the front door.”

Penny was greeted with applause.

“For you two?” Ruth added. “I mean obviously for lots of reality shows it doesn’t.”

“With all due respect for the [Rod’s] children, it’s their decision that they are making, and as parents we fully support whatever their choice of career is and we support them in this mission,” Penny finished.

“What happens if they turn up for Sunday dinner with a camera crew? What’s going to happen?” Jane laughed.

Penny points off screen: “Dinner that way guys.”

“Well that’s a shame as we were looking forward to that… but it’s a big fat no”, Ruth commented.

Due to the nature of the UK media, it’s often thought that viewers have a right to celebrities’ private lives because of their choice in career. But, have we gone a step too far? Do you believe celebrities have a right to privacy when they close their front doors, or should we have access to all areas when it comes to people in the public eye? We’d love to hear your comments.

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