What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

The Loose Women are back in action after a well-deserved Christmas break, and looking towards your New Year’s resolutions! Each year everyone vows to give up treats in favour of the gym, new fitness regimes, eating right and backing off the booze, but are they sustainable beyond January?

The Loose Women panel were soon on the case, discussing their own resolutions…

Ruth Langsford was quick to dismiss any “What are you giving up for New Year?” conversations:

“I hate New Year’s resolutions, but I do make them I have to say, in my head. I don’t like voicing them because then people ask you when I’ve failed two days later.”

Jane Moore had other thoughts, with a more cleansing take on the New Year:

“I do find there is a gear change, I don’t do those big ‘right I have a resolution’ things.”

Stopping drinking was definitely high on the panel’s agenda as 2015 rolled around, as Jane stated that “I woke up New Year’s day minus the hangover. I gave up alcohol – five days and counting!”

Gloria Hunniford wasn’t convinced that Jane could give up alcohol for the month, a popular resolution that many try after the New Year’s Day hangover has subsided.

Jane’s new year cleanse had a firm focus, which included trying not to accidentally take her children to the tip as part of the tidy up mission:

“I had a massive de-clutter which was so therapeutic,” she said.   “Everything was in bin liners – all the old toys that they haven’t played with for years.”

Coleen Nolan didn’t escape Ruth’s attention either, and she soon steered the conversation towards her friend’s love of chocolate. Coleen, however, gave a resounding “no” when asked if she’d made any resolutions. Ruth and the ladies proceeded to be supportive friends by making the resolution for her, by taping up her chocolate stashed fridge!

“I have eaten my own body weight in chocolate over the festive period, so I have stopped. I had salad last night, how revolting is that?” Coleen declared.

And it turns out that Coleen’s naughty chocolate habit has been kicked well and truly to the curb due to a certain birthday later in the year: “It’s my big 50th in March {audience claps}. Don’t applaud! That’s like sympathy.”

However, she did have a positive outlook towards the impending birthday after Gloria asked whether Coleen was worried about that zero.

“I celebrate the fact I’ve made it,” she replied. “I want to feel good on my 50th, I don’t want to feel like a big chocolate bar.”

Plus, if Coleen ever attempts to get into the chocolate bar fridge, an alarm is set off to remind her to stick to her resolution!

The ladies’ excuses were flying in as to why they hadn’t started the chocolate ban straight away, with lots of leftovers from Christmas still loitering about the house.

“As soon as you see that dish of chocolates, you just think ‘Oh, I’ll just have another one,” stated Gloria. Ruth was also quick on the defence, adding, “You don’t want to throw it away!”

Just like the Loose Women, keen viewers were trying their hardest to make 2015 a new start, by hiding chocolate in their garage and aiming to be nicer to others during the New Year.

So, we’d love to know what your New Year’s resolutions are this year – will it be healthy eating or an extreme exercise bid? Or are you having an early spring clean and chocolate ban just like the Loose Women panellists?

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