Top Ten Celebrity Burns

If you’ve been following the recent Sony hack, then you may have read about a certain faux-pas made by the co-chairman of Sony Pictures, Amy Pascal, and big-time film producer, Scott Rudin. During a series of leaked emails the pair traded insults about a number of celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama, but how does this exchange compare to some of the fieriest celebrity burns in history?

Here are ten of the best:

1. Scott Rudin on Angelina Jolie

We couldn’t start anywhere else – first on the list is film producer Scott Rudin’s description of Angelina Jolie…

Top Ten Celebrity Burns

2. Joan Rivers on Elizabeth Taylor

Of course, what would a roundup of celebrity putdowns be without a snippet from Joan Rivers? On this occasion, the recipient of her sharp tongue was Elizabeth Taylor.


3. Liam Gallagher on Victoria Beckham

The Gallagher brothers are famous for being outspoken, even about budding autobiographer, Victoria Beckham.


4. Sir John Gielgud on Ingrid Bergman

Just like with many films, sometimes the oldies are the goodies, as this barbed quip from John Gielgud, aimed firmly towards Casablanca star Ingrid Bergman, illustrates.


5. Prince on Michael Jackson

Not everyone is a fan of the King of Pop – least of all, it seems, Prince!


6. Bette Davis on Joan Crawford

After sparking perhaps the most famous celebrity rivalry in film history, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford traded a whole barrage of verbal abuse over the years they both worked in the industry. Bette’s tongue was no doubt the sharpest…


7. Katie Price on Jodie Marsh

As you can see from above, celebrity cat fights aren’t a new phenomenon. Over the years though, the scathing comments have gotten a little blunter, especially when you take a look at this putdown from Katie Price!


8. Evelyn Waugh on Marcel Proust

Writers are passionate souls, especially when it comes to literary works they think haven’t quite made the cut.


9. Ruth Rendell on Agatha Christie

And respected female writers are no less scathing about those with whom their allegiance definitely doesn’t lie…


10. Lady Astor and Winston Churchill

Lady Astor and Winston Churchill are famous for their fiery exchanges, but the finest of them all is, undoubtedly, this gem…


Which is your favourite celebrity burn? Do you think you could do better than the acid-tongued stars in our list? Let us know!



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