Top Five Family Board Games

For some, Christmas day will be filled with new technology gifts, gadgets and gizmos for all the family. However it looks as if board games, those old Christmas standbys, are making a comeback. For the past four years in a row, board game sales in the UK have risen by between 25% and 40% annually.

Here is our selection of the best family-friendly board games, old and new. Only one question remains: how soon will it be before sibling rivalries resurface?


Straight in with a classic. Monopoly is a game we all remember playing as a child. It’s more than likely you started off well and then your dad swooped in to steal the game. It’s a game of skill involving property management (and the annual fight over who gets to be the dog) that will kill a couple of hours on Christmas Day.

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A great one for family and friends, this board game is based on the popular TV programme, Pointless. Alike the programme, each question is asked and your answer must be something that matches those “pointless” answers as much possible. Answering “Top Gun” to “what film does Tom Cruise star in”, will earn you less points (because it’s such a popular choice), whereas “Magnolia” would score higher if those surveyed had given this unlikely response. Almost a game of opposites, it’s sure to be a hilarious afternoon trying to explain this one to the grandparents!

On sale at Amazon for £14.99


Jenga requires balance and coordination as you remove each block in a bid to win. Squeal in excitement as the blocks get fewer and the challenge increases in this towers of fun game. To really put the pressure on, why not create a forfeit for whoever topples the tower by making them wash up the dirty dishes from your festive feast?

Jenga is available to buy at Debenhams for £13.00


It was Colonel Mustard, in the dining room, with the candle stick! Play detective to find the clues and work out who the murderer is in this classic who dunnit board game. Also available to buy this year is a limited Sherlock c edition, featuring characters from the hit TV series – a relatively simple game to get the board games started.

Available at Toys-R-Us priced at £11.99


Invented in 1938, Scrabble has been knocking around for a very long time. A true test of brain power, this board game classic will assess your English knowledge after an afternoon Christmas sherry, as family members disallow ridiculous (and rude) words. This is an enjoyable one to challenge yourself and make every letter count.

Available at Smyths Toys priced at £16.99

So, are you more traditional on Christmas day and love a board game to bring the family together? Or are you happier to stick to a board game app on your snazzy new iPad? Comment below and let us know!

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