We are tombola – Watch our Brand New Ad!

We are tombola – Watch our Brand New Ad!

A little while ago we announced the launch of our brand new advert for tombola bingo! After featuring an article last month which looked at some of our older adverts from over the years, we revealed that our newest instalment would feature you, the tombola players as well as showcasing our exclusive games! The new advert is now on air! Accompanied with the same tagline We are tombola’, which we’ve used since the Emmerdale sponsorship began in November 2009. It’s bursting with nods to the bingo games that our players love; Cinco counters whizz through the air, a bingo dabber marks off numbers in the living room on the bingo 60 game, and a bus even drives straight through a depiction of our fast-paced bingo game, Pulse! It’s all about the games!

Here is a sneaky peek of some of the action behind the scenes:




It’s all about being able to play tombola wherever you like on our app, whether you’re curled up at home on the sofa or waiting for your bus to work.

Of course, being a tombola advert, it wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from our tombola family! If you remember, we put out something of a casting call here on tombola times, asking you to submit photographs playing on your favourite tombola games. You did just that! You can see everyone who featured on the advert here.

“Within this new TV ad we feel we’ve ticked every single box for the first time,” commented our Head of Marketing, Dawn Howe. “We are showing the game as the hero, and we are showing that our players are really important to us.”

We had some fantastic entries from hundreds of our players. Here are just a couple of our favourites:




You can see the rest of the lovely pictures in a collage at the end of our new ad! Can you spot yourself?

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