tombola takeover at Loose Women

Loose Women   23-01-2015.

Friday 23rd January wasn’t just any old Friday. We took 80 tombola players to be in the Loose Women audience for the Loose Women Luncheon!

As sponsors of Loose Women, we thought it would be a great idea to have an audience full of only tombola players. We asked you to enter online and had an overwhelming response!

Where it all started

It was a fantastic day filled with glamour, friends and a lot of laughter. The journey started on Facebook. We set up a group for all the lucky winners to get to know each other, and of course ask any burning questions they might have before the day. Everyone attending the event was going solo so it was a nice opportunity for everyone to chat to their fellow players ahead of the big day. Before we knew it, the winners were planning their outfits, arranging meeting points and planning their day in London!

For some, the trip started the day before the event. Players were invited from far and wide; from  Northern Ireland and the highlands of Scotland, to the depths of Wales. With such a long journey ahead, we booked them into a central London hotel. These players enjoyed their evening sipping wine, relaxing and getting to know each other before the Loose Women Luncheon.

The big day!

When the day of the Loose Women Luncheon arrived, everyone was very excited! We met before the show in the very glamorous ITV’s South Bank bar where we started our day with strong coffee and a couple of biccies!

Now for the exciting part! We were lead to the studio where all the action happens. We were seated in groups of four to have our photos behind the Loose Women desk! We’ve all wanted to sit in those infamous seats, looking super-glam and smiling for the camera, right? Our lucky winners got the chance to that and if we do say so, they looked like naturals!

Loose Women   23-01-2015.

The warm up guy

Once we had all had our photo taken on the set, it was time for the first part of the entertainment to start and I’m not talking about the Loose Women presenters…I’m talking about Ian ‘the warm up guy’. His job is to make everyone in the audience feel as comfortable as possible before they are on millions of TV screens across the country! No pressure then?

Now that everyone was feeling extra giggly and excited, it was time for the Loose Women presenters to make their appearance on set. One by one, they appeared from behind the scenes; Kaye Adams, Sherrie Hewson, Jane Moore and Linda Robson, all looking super-glam of course!

Loose Women   23-01-2015.

The show

“Live in 5, 4, 3, 2…” and the cameras were rolling. From Kate Moss sporting real fur to the cost of electric bills, the ladies had some very heated debates but of course there were also light-hearted discussions too. Nadia Sawalha, a fellow Loose Women presenter but also Big Brother housemate at the time of the show, was a big topic of conversation and one that got the tombola audience talking. Should she stay in the house? Should she come out? It had both the panel and audience torn!

The excitement continued when the guest was announced…global pop star, Anastasia! Looking effortlessly beautiful in her all black outfit, bright red high heels and slicked back hair, she talked openly about her double mastectomy, the highs and lows of fame and gave her opinion on the Kate Moss fur topic. She was a fantastic guest to watch being interviewed with all the players coming out of the show feeling energised by her positive outlook and bubbly personality!

Loose Women   23-01-2015.

The luncheon

Now that the show was over, we were all very peckish – it was time for the luncheon. We made our way to ITV’s bar where cucumber sandwiches, chocolate éclairs and of course a glass of fizz were waiting for us.

As we settled those hunger pangs, the lovely Loose Women presenters were announced into the room! As Ian ‘the warm up guy’ did his thing and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable, the ladies started answering questions that were asked from the audience. From ‘would you go in the Big Brother house?’ to ‘who is your most famous friend?’ they answered the questions thrown at them openly. After the Q&A, each of the ladies went round to all the tables to meet all of our lovely players and have their photos taken with them.

Loose Women   23-01-2015.

A fantastic day was had by all, filled with fun, laughter and new friendships. You can see all the photos from the event here.

Loose Women   23-01-2015.

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