tombola Launches New TV Adverts

Britain’s biggest online bingo site has launched a national TV advertising campaign starring its own bingo players.

A total of 23 real online bingo players registered on the tombola bingo site feature in the new adverts. The same players starred in the Emmerdale bumper adverts which launched in June 2010. When tombola decided to create the new TV adverts, they edited the sponsorship bumpers and the stars are now back on TV every day!

Players starring in TV adverts

Players starring in TV adverts

The bingo adverts, which range from around 10 to 30 seconds in length and which went live last month, will be aired on terrestrial and satellite channels over the next few months. The players all appear in adverts for a few seconds.

The ads were filmed in April 2010 in some of England’s well known hot spots, including; Rye town centre, Camber Sands beach and London after, which is officially the Britain’s most popular online bingo site, put an appeal on its website for players to be a part of their Emmerdale sponsorship deal. Players enjoyed a range of activities on the beach, a pottery class, salsa dancing, and tenpin bowling.

Player 'Jensdad'

Player ‘Jensdad’

One of the stars, Paul Chapman, a resident of Blackpool said: “I couldn’t believe tombola picked me to appear in their ads again, as I starred in the original set of Emmerdale bumpers in November 2009. I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! We were all spoilt rotten and I laughed the whole time.” He added, “I feel like a local celebrity; I am frequently “spotted” and asked if I’m on telly, I love it!”

You can see all the stars in action on tombola’s TV ad page:

Head of Marketing at, Dawn-Elizabeth Howe said: “Everyone had such a great time over the three day shoot – it felt more like a mini tombola holiday and we just filmed them having a laugh together. We think the warmth and fun they had together comes across brilliantly and it really reflects what is all about.

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