tombola Bonanza for Redditch Bingo Fan!

Mandy Kirby, of Greenlands in Redditch, will be going on holiday with style after banking an impressive £20,000 on, the UK’s most popular online bingo site.

Mandy, who was playing a simple card game called CINCO on tombola bingo, is still in a state of shock after her winning cards secured her the online bingo jackpot.

Forty year-old Mandy recalls the win: “If I’m honest, I wasn’t actually in the chat room when I won. I had popped into another chat room to put 50p on Bingo 90. I was literally out of the room for seconds and returned to discover I had scooped the jackpot!

“At first, I thought I’d won £2,000 on tombola bingo. When I realised it was actually £20,000, I started jumping around the kitchen screaming. My husband threatened to call 999 if I didn’t calm down!”

Mandy, who enjoys playing both CINCO and Bingo 90 on tombola, was quickly bombarded with congratulations from all her fellow players in CINCO and Bingo 90.

What started as a quiet few minutes playing tombola, while her husband, Colin, watched television with their four year-old twins, has turned into the win of the family’s lifetime.

Mandy added: “What an ending to an otherwise normal day. If someone had told me at the start of that day that I would end it £20,000 richer, I would have laughed at them. It just goes to show, it can happen to anyone!”

Mandy’s first purchase will be a brand new family car, a welcome replacement from their current two-door car. Beyond that, after clearing her debts, Mandy is looking forward to a finically secure future.

“We have been squeezing our twins, Jack and Ellie into our current car for so long. I can’t wait for our new car to be delivered so that we can drive, in style, to the south coast for our two-week holiday by the beach. With no limits on our spending money, it’s going to be the best holiday of our life!

“We tried for 12 years to have children and finally, after being treated with IVF, we had twins. Jack and Ellie are a blessing. Similarly, our jackpot win on tombola is a blessing and means that we can relax and look forward to the future. I have played on every bingo site around, but none compare to tombola

tombola bingo hands out more than £3m in prizes to its players every week, which is one the reasons why it is the most popular online bingo site in the UK. Susanne Kennedy, customer relationship manager for said: “We are thrilled for Mandy and her family. We wish them much future happiness and hope they enjoy spending their winnings. It is fantastic to see tombola transform the lives of our players.”

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