How to Throw a Frozen Party

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Chances are your children will have fallen head over heels for the film Frozen, Disney’s enchanting retelling of The Snow Queen. Full of beautiful imagery, catchy songs and unforgettable characters, it’s no surprise that the film has turned into such a phenomenon, and provides such a great theme for a party! But how exactly can you turn your home into a snow kingdom fit for Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven?

Send invites

Text messages, phone calls and even Facebook messages might be the norm when it comes to modern invites, but why not have some fun? Tangible invites your children can read and touch are so much more exciting, and are really easy to make! Snowflake shapes are perfect for Frozen parties, and can be addressed to Prince __________ or Princess __________.

Decorate the whole room

Turn the room your party will be held in into a beautiful winter wonderland. Cut out snowflakes and stick them to the walls, hang blue and white fairy lights, scatter white confetti or fake snow over the floor, and print out a picture of Elsa’s ice castle to act as a backdrop for the food table. The craftier among you might even want to create falling snow by poking holes through the middle of polystyrene balls, before threading through a string and hanging them from the roof.

Encourage fancy dress

Fancy dress doesn’t have to mean a proper dress up outfit from the Disney shop – simply encourage your little Frozen fans to wear something that makes them feel like a princess, or a handsome prince. You could even print out a selection of crowns for everyone to wear throughout the day – blue for Elsa, pink for Anna and gold for Kristoff. Just remember to print out as many of each crown as there are guests, so everybody has the chance to choose their favourite.

Theme your food

Themed parties are a great opportunity to experiment with food. As well as laying out the usual suspects – sausage rolls, crisps and sandwiches – stock up on carrots (to represent Olaf the snowman), blue jelly chopped into squares (to represent Kristoff’s ice) and white marshmallows. You could even bake some cupcakes and ice the tops like characters, or buy some ready-made cupcake toppers.

Play Frozen games

A Frozen party wouldn’t be complete without some really fun party games, especially when they take so little preparation. How about pin the tail on Sven? All you need to do is print out a big picture of this cheeky reindeer and you’re ready to go! You could also put fake snow between the sheets of your pass the parcel package to give the kids an exciting surprise, play bob for carrots or build a snowman using white Play Dough.

Hand out party favours

Party bags are a party staple that have endured for years. Kids love them, so why not take the opportunity to add a little touch of Frozen? Among the usual party bag staples like colouring books and sweets, add in ‘diamond’ bracelets for the girls and reindeer horns for the boys. You could even make the bracelets yourself. All you need to do is buy plenty of clear glass or plastic beads, and thread them onto an elastic thread.

Watch the film

What would a Frozen party be without, well, Frozen? Once the party games and snacking are out of the way, and your party guests are a little calmer, sit them all down and let them watch their favourite, magical film.

Follow these simple steps and, within no time at all, your humble abode will have transformed into an exciting ice kingdom that will make every Frozen fan feel like part of the Frozen gang. Who knows, if you haven’t already, you might even find yourself falling in love with the film yourself!


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